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Test your luck!
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Code Box or C-Box or Password Box or Gachapon (English: Gashapon) was a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


A Code Box can be obtained randomly when playing the game, usually after killing a certain number of enemies. Unlike Pandora's Box, it may give a special weapon that may or may not be permanent. Some of the items in the Code Box are only available in the box. However, a Code Box can only be decoded by using a Decoder, a cash item that can be bought from the Shop, or events. After decoding a Code Box, the player may get a permanent weapon or model from the Code Box. Loots other than permanent cash weapons are point weapons, periodic cash weapons, items and sprays.

Tips on getting permanent weapons/models[]

These tips MAY OR MAY NOT work. Please note that these are what players suggest when opening code box. Do not blame us for anything false as the chances of getting something permanent in a code box is solely based on the players luck.

LOGIC: The developers have set the amount of permanent weapons available in every 2 weeks period. This means decoding a Code Box in first day after maintenance has higher percentage.

  • There is a higher chance of getting something permanent in a Code Box by decoding 20 or more Code Boxes (that means buying at least 20 Code Decoders from the Shop).
  • Log in and buy how many Code Decoders you wanted to buy. Play for a match and use it after each match ended.
  • Others say that you get a better chance of getting a permanent item if you open a code box either 'early' in the morning or 'late' at night.
  • Save up your money, wait for a Top Up bonus event, then buy lots of decoders. It depends on how much cash you have in your account. When there is a probability event, open the code boxes.
  • Open up your code boxes AFTER a broadcast message about other players hitting the jackpot appeared.

Available weapons and characters[]

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