Room restrict limitpistol.pngThe Colt Anaconda or simply Anaconda and also named .44 Magnum, is the first revolver appeared in Counter-Strike Online.


This is a revolver fed with 7 rounds of .50 Action Express ammunition. It boosts high firepower and accuracy, as well as decent recoil and fire rate.


  • Short reload time
  • Bullets can penetrate objects
  • High damage
  • Low recoil
  • Light weight
  • High rate of fire
  • High accuracy


  • Low magazine capacity


Kingcobra.png King Cobra is an American scoped-revolver fed with 7 rounds of .50 Action Express. It does higher damage and has higher accuracy in zoom mode but has lower rate of fire and player speed will be reduced.

Python.png Introduced in 1955 and stopped production in 2005, this infamous magnum revolver pistol is fed with 6 rounds of .357 SIG. It boasts high damage per shot, but beware of its high recoil.

Sapientia.png This is a modified version of Colt Anaconda fed with 7 rounds of .50 AE Holy, a special ammunition made by holy water. Upon hitting zombies, the holy water will give an afterburn effect to the enemies.

Tactics using Anaconda


  • Use it in close to medium battle, as it is not very accurate in long range.

Zombie Modes

  • It shouldn't be used to deal with zombies in long range due to the damage decreasement over range.
  • It is best to use it only if you ran out of ammo with the primary weapon to either escape or finish off the zombie.




Comparison to Desert Eagle



  • Cheaper (-$50)
  • Higher rate of fire (+2%)


  • Same recoil (30%)
  • Same weight (0% speed reduction)
  • Same clip size (7 rounds)


  • Longer reload time (+0.1 seconds)
  • Lower damage (-8)
  • Less accurate (-23%)


Firing sound

Reload sound

Pull the hummer

Draw sound


  • This is the first revolver that appears in Counter-Strike Online.
  • In real-life, Colt Anaconda can only be fed with .44 Special, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt cartridges.
  • On the early release of Anaconda, it used Desert Eagle's firing animation.
  • The engraved words of "COLT ANACONDA .44 MAGNUM" can be seen on the weapon's barrel.
  • The Anaconda's model has 7 cylinders, since it is modeled with the Desert Eagle's coding as a base.
  • This is the only cash weapon that hasneither a permanent sale nor could be obtained permanently from Code Box in Indonesia region.
  • CSO Thailand was the only region that imposed a level restriction (2 and above), making the Anaconda become purchasable with gamepoints. However, this region no longer exists.
  • There was an HQ model of this weapon which includes a different animation and better hand texture quality. However, it was cut and replaced with lower quality model but the store preview still remain the HQ one.

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