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Commander Victor is a Rare grade non-player character which later appeared as a player character in Counter-Strike Online.


Commander Victor is the commander of the rescue team after the zombie incident in Lost City. He appears in Desert Storm and Hellfire as the guiding NPC. Commander Victor also makes an appearance in Illusion when the players are fighting Fallen Titan.

In Zombie Scenario: Season 6, Commander Victor appears again in Episode Victor chapter. His exclusive model can be obtained at random after completing the chapter.

Favorite weapon[]



Commander Victor appoints several daily missions and all honor missions for the players. He will give medals for those who have completed their honor missions.

Daily missions appointed by Commander Victor:

Title Task
Perfect Headshot Eliminate 5 bot players with headshot on streak.
Throw Hand Grenade Explode an enemy with an HE Grenade.
100 Warriors Ability Neutralize 5 enemies without dying.
Defeat Titan Defeat 5 Titans in Human Scenario.


He has blonde hair and a goatee, His eye color is blue

He wore green military shirt with black kevlar, A pair of sunglasses, A pistol holster on his right leg, A brown belt, And a pair of black boots

He wears an eye patch on his left eye in Episode Victor



  • Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is so far the only region to have released this character for permanent. He was obtainable from the shop for $6.99.
  • This is the first non-Transcendent class to have no rival counterpart.