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Commando is a rare bot character in Battle Rush and Zombie Giant.


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M32 MGL Xm2010(Posters only)


This is the rare bot character in Rush Battle. They have much bigger lifepower than Soldier due to their armor. They are only issued with an M32 MGL. Their bombardement can deal a heavy blow to their opponent's progress. They appear in a group of three, making troublesome to defeat them. Their health points are 1500 each, making they really hard to be killed.

Commandos also appear in Zombie Giant as the assistance for Human team.



  • These guys never reload their weapons, even after they launched 6 grenades, the Milkor M32's maximal magazine capacity.
  • Some posters or artworks show a CT Commando is equipped with XM2010, but they only use M32 in game.
  • Their hitbox is the same hitbox used by normal Soldier. So they won't take damage if you shoot at certain parts of their body.