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Compound Bow is a Unique grade weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


Compound Bow is fed with 60 carbon arrows made up from composite structures. The arrows possess lethal armor penetration power. Primary attack promotes fast attack with medium damage while the secondary attack deals tremendous destructive power the user needs to charge it to perform the attack.

Details: Hold right-click to charge. Charged attacks penetrate enemies. Charged Attack Damage: 127 (Normal), 585 (Zombie), 2243 (Scenario)


  • Very high damage in charged mode
  • Arrow hits the target instantly in charged mode
  • Damage does not decrease over range
  • High penetration power in charged mode
  • High magazine capacity
  • Accurate even when jumping/running
  • Silent
  • Light weight
  • Can be enhanced


  • Long charge time
  • Arrow does not instantly hit the target in normal mode
  • Leaves a light trail which compromises the user's position
  • Obtainable via Bingo Event only
  • Medium rate of fire
  • User's movement speed decreases when using the charged mode


  • It could perform instant kill with charged shot (except hitting the legs) while need 2 shots in body to kill a player with normal shot.
  • The charged shots required around 2 seconds to launch.
  • Like Crossbow, this weapon cannot penetrate anything in normal mode.
  • The charged shots can penetrate players but cannot penetrate walls.
Zombie Scenario
  • is a good barrier breaker.
  • Recommended when facing mini-bosses like Juggernaut.
  • This weapon deals very high damage to bosses especially with charging mode. A single charged shot can deal 12,500+ damage to the bosses, provided the firepower has been maxed.
  • Not recommended when running through a horde of zombies.
Human Scenario
  • The charged shot could perform instant kill for Titans when hitting their head.
  • The charged shot also deals very high damage to bosses.

Comparison to Crossbow[]

Crossbow gfx


  • Higher damage to human (A:28, B:83)
  • Higher damage to zombie (A:43, B:483)
  • Lower recoil (-2%)
  • Higher stun power
  • No reload time
  • Can deliver charged shots
  • Charged shots do instantly hit the target


  • Arrows take time to travel distances (in A mode)
  • Hard to obtain


  • Lower rate of fire (-13)
  • Heavier (+3% speed reduction)
  • Lower knockback power
  • More expensive (+$2700)
  • Does not possess scope
  • Lower spare ammo (-140)
  • Increases zombies' anger bar

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 12 September 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 24 September 2013.
  • China & Japan: 25 September 2013.
  • Indonesia: 17 December 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 1 April 2015.
  • Vietnam: 21 May 2015.

  • South Korea: 6 February 2020
  • China & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 11 March 2020
  • CSN:S: 17 March 2020


Drawing sound

Shooting sound

Start Charging


Empty charged shot

Charged shot


  • This is the second bow introduced in the game after Crossbow.
  • It is categorized under assault rifle category even though it is actually not an assault rifle.
  • The in-game design of the Bow is quite similar with Predator Bow from Crysis 3.
  • When firing in B mode, the arrow will leave a light trail which is similar to Thunderbolt's. The light trail could penetrate anything, and could go as far as the map goes.
  • There's a bug when you hold the B mode and quickly switch to another weapon, if you switch it back, it will fire a trail that does not deal any damage.
  • The arrows could get stuck on walls or bodies, similar to the Tactical Knife.
  • After fully enhanced, the user can hold up to 100 arrows.
  • The planet paint was the only weapon paint not released in CSN:Z possibly due to it being absent in Top 50 Decoder list, therefore not many players own it.
  • The name for the weapon in the China region, "鹰眼", translates to "Hawkeye", referring to the Marvel Comic character of the same name.

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