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Comrade was a companion system in Counter-Strike Online. This system has been made obsolete after the Clan and Ranking Re:boot, thus being no longer available.


This companion system promotes helping new players. A player can enter up to 5 juniors who are lower than the player's level and 1 senior who is higher level than the player. The player will obtain stars and additional EXP as their juniors level up, with the amount of stars vary with their level. Accumulated stars can be redeemed for either an M249 Veteran or M16A1 Veteran for seven days.

To add a junior/senior, their IGN can only be inputted while they are online at the same time as the player does.

Important Notes[]

Cancellation Penalty
  • If a player cancel a comrade relationship with a senior or junior that the level of closeness is 3, you cannot form a new comrade relationship for 24 hours. In addition, the accumulated EXP for the level of closeness with the person will be reset as well.
Auto Cancellation
  • If a junior advances above their senior's current rank, their comrade relationship with the person will be cancelled automatically without any penalty.
Bonus Stars and Experiences
  • Bonus Stars and Experience Points will be given to all comrades when they are promoted. Stars can be collected or given to any of your comrade as you wish.
Points Bonuses
  • When a player's senior is online, he/she will receive 10% more game points. But if their senior is offline, he/she will only receive 3% more game points
Star Bonuses
  • A bonus star will be provided according to a rank whenever a junior advanced to a higher rank.