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Cordon is a Zombie Scenario map in Counter-Strike Online.


Defend enemy attacks while protecting the main communication tower.

Map info[]

As Aegis Research Institute's secret communication base is discovered by Kronos Corporation, enemies begin to attack.

  • Goal: Stop all Mad Mechanics and protect the communication tower.


  • Resist waves of enemy attacks and protect the main communication tower.


  • Use cannons to stop boss waves and protect the communication tower.
  • If you press the E key in the area marked [E], the indicated device will operate.
  • To use the cannon, kill zombies to meet the conditions for using the cannon.
  • If you hit the boss with the cannon, the boss wave will start. It pauses for a moment and exposes its weaknesses.


Aegis Lab's secret communication base is discovered by Kronos. The communication base defense unit, which did not expect the enemy's attack, engages in a desperate battle to stop the mass-produced Mad Mechanics sent by Kronos and the pouring zombies. Let’s begin.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 19 October 2023.


Victor msg
Gerrard msg
Choijiyoon msg
Jennifer msg
  • Situation Room: Warning! Warning! Approaching multiple unidentified objects.
  • Situation room: Abnormal biological signals confirmed.
  • Soi: Big, big problem! Zombies are coming to the communication base!
  • Victor: Calm down, Dr. Soi.
  • Victor: Carlito, Jim, and May are conducting an operation, so there is a power vacuum, but everyone is ready for battle!
  • Gerard: I need to be nervous about this!
  • Choi Ji Yoon: Let's protect the communication base first! Our power is by no means weak.
  • Victor: It is important to defend this place first to fight against the Kronos and Douglas Jacob.
  • Gerard: Now that you think about it, how did the Kronos find out about this place?
  • Soi: I was intercepting their communications... I think I was traced back.
  • Soi: That's right. You were playing into the palm of their hands. Defending the base should be the priority.
Wave 1
  • Situation Room: Warning! Warning! A powerful entity is approaching.
  • Soi: Everyone, be careful! These are not ordinary guys!
Stone breaking
  • Destroy the communication tower! Whoa...!
  • Gerard: Those guys are strange. Their external armor is abnormally thick!
  • Choi Ji-yoon: Hit those idiots with the cannon.
  • Tip: If you hit a Mad Mechanic with a cannon, its weakness will be exposed for a certain period of time.
Wave 1 End
  • Choi Ji-yoon: Have you stopped it now?"
  • Soi: No. They keep coming.
  • Victor: Everyone, stay alert!
Wave 2
  • Situation Room: Warning! Warning! Mass-produced Mad Mechanics are approaching.
9 seconds later
  • Gerard: It looks like these are mass-produced models solely to destroy communication towers.
  • Viktor: You are right. We will have to use the cannon as best as possible to stop it.
Wave 3
  • Situation Room: Warning! Warning! The Mad Mechanics are coming again!
  • Jennifer: These guys keep coming.
  • Gerard: Those Cronos! They came well prepared!
Wave 4
  • Situation Room: Warning! Warning! Prepare for the Mad Mechanic!
  • Choi Ji-yoon: Their attacks are getting more and more fierce.
  • Victor: Ugh! Everyone, try your best a little harder.
Wave 4 End
  • Jennifer: Ah... I feel like I'm reaching my limit.
Wave 5
  • Situation Room: Warning! Warning! Mad mechanics are coming.
  • Soi: Hang in there! This is the last time!
  • Gerard: The last one? That's good news!
  • Viktor: Kronos! You'll have to pay them back when this is over! Everyone, just hang on a little longer!
Wave 5 End
  • Gerard: Did we kill them?
  • Victor: Gerard, what did you say just now?
  • Soi: That's right! Don't say anything that will make your heart flutter!
  • Victor: Now we have to pay back properly. Everyone, get ready!
  • Tip: If you kill a certain number of zombies, you will obtain cannon shells.



  • AMP Suit makes an appearance in this map.
  • Naval Cannon is used to stun AMP Suit.