Costume Box is an event-based item in Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.


5 November 2014

This box may contain one of various Costume items, for a limited time or permanent, or between 2000 and 10,000 game points. Press the Use button to receive its items.

It is given to players that log in after the server resets at 6.00 a.m CEST. Each box will be provided at every time interval of 60 minutes and 120 minutes of gameplay respectively.

The Costume Box is available for a limited time only. It will expire after the next maintenance, if the user doesn't open it.

29 January 2015

Open up the Costume Box to give yourself a fresh new look on the battlefield! Using this item will award you 1 random Costume item for permanent duration. There are 26 possible Costume items available.

Available costumes

Angel Halo Angel Wings Devil Horns Devil Wings Devil Tail Cat Ears Cat Tuna Cat Tail Golden Mask Golden Shield Squirrel Ears Acorn Squirrel Tail Pig Ears Pig Fork Pig Tail Panda Ear Panda Doll Panda Tail Polar Bear Head Penguin Doll Indian Warbonnet Indian Shield Indian Belt Indian Face Dinosaur Puppet

Squirrel Ears Acorn Squirrel Tail Cat Ears Cat Tuna Cat Tail Afro Hair Elegant Hair Idol Sunglasses Idol Microphone Superhero Helmet Superhero Backpack Provocation Apple Provocation Target Provocation Arrow Gentleman Mustache Gentleman Stick Gentleman Hand Clock Boxing Headgear Boxing Champion Belt Bazzi Head Dao Head Clock Pharaoh Mask Mummy Doll


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