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Costume is a cosmetic item in Counter Strike Online 2.


The costumes can be worn in game in different body parts and obtainable in many ways.


The costumes which can be worn are:

Icon Item Name
Angel Ring Angel Ring
Cargo Cap Cargo Cap
Chicken Chicken
Chieftain Helmet Chieftain Helmet
Bunny Bunny
Sunflower Sunflower
Fox Head Fox Head
Headcrab Headcrab
Star Glasses Star Glasses
Helmet Helmet
Koala Koala
Camo Cap Camo Cap
Camo Hat Camo Hat
Snow Hat Snow Hat
Desert Camo Cap Desert Camo Cap
Helmet Helmet
Green Helmet Green Helmet
Police Cap Police Cap
Hunter Hat Hunter Hat
Sergeant Cap Sergeant Cap
Millet Cap Millet Cap
Ikseongwan and Jokduri Ikseongwan and Jokduri
Pig Face Pig Face
Rudolph Rudolph
School Hat School Hat
Snake Snake
Japanese SNL Hat Japanese SNL Hat
Korean SNL Hat Korean SNL Hat
Qing SNL Hat Qing SNL Hat
Axe Axe
Soccer Ball Soccer Ball
Indian headware Indian Headware
Horse Head Horse Head
Weld Mask Weld Mask
Santa Mask Santa Mask
Kim-Min Kyo Mask Kim-Min Kyo Mask
1st Anniversary Hat 1st Anniversary Hat
Bamboo Hat Bamboo Hat
Snowboard Helmet Snowboard Helmet
Delta Hat Delta Hat
Sheep Head Sheep Head
Birthday Cake Hat Birthday Cake Hat
Baseball Cap Baseball Cap
Straw Hat Straw Hat
VIP Gentleman Hat VIP Gentleman Hat
Peking Opera Mask Peking Opera Mask
Witch Hat Witch Hat

Icon Item Name
Camo Glove Camo Glove
Close Beta Tester Glove Closed Beta Tester Glove
Red Glove Red Glove
Horse Glove Horse Glove
Millet Glove Millet Glove
Pig Glove Pig Glove
Skeleteon Glove Skeleton Glove
Snake Glove Snake Glove
Work Glove Work Glove
Christmas Glove Christmas Glove
Sheep Glove Sheep Glove

Icon Item Name
Bag Bag
Chieftain Hammer Chieftain Hammer
Pestle Chuseok Pestle
Drum Drum
Fox Tail Fox Tail
G-Star G-Star
Horse Back Horse Back
Keyboard Keyboard
Korean Symbol Korean Symbol
New Year Kite New Year Kite
Scratcher Scratcher
Pig Pig
Raccoon Tail Raccoon Tail
Wing Wing
Angel Wing Angel Wing
Golden Wing Golden Wing
School Bag School Bag
Sleigh Sleigh
Snake Snake
SNL Arrow SNL Arrow
Turtle Shell Turtle Shell
Valve Valve
Christmas Bag Christmas Bag
Fork Fork
Mila Doll Mila Doll
Lisa Doll Lisa Doll
Mila Snowboard Mila Snowboard
Lisa Snowboard Lisa Snowboard
Delta Bag Delta Bag
Turtle Plush Bag Turtle Plush Bag
Wireless Set Wireless Set
Sheep Bag Sheep Bag
Baseball Doll Baseball Doll
Poseidon's Magic Rod Poseidon's Magic Rod
Peking Opera Flag Peking Opera Flag
Witch Broom Witch Broom

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 9 January 2014.
  • China: 5 February 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 23 January 2016.


<gallery widths="200" spacing="small" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent"> Hammer bunny costumes.jpg|Hammer and Bunny File:Tortoise_fox_costumes.jpg|Tortoise Shell and Fox Tail Backpack_costume.png|Backpack, gloves, and cap axe fork costume_cso2_korea poster'.jpg|Fork and Axe fox_costume_koreapostercso2.png|Fox Head and Raccoon Tail SNL_costume.png|SNL Costumes File:Blacksmith_costumes.png|Blacksmith File:Janposter.png|Garden rake and Pig nose and ears File:Valvecostume.jpg|Valve headwear File:Donkey_cso2costume_Koreaposter.JPG|Horse File:Wing_costumecso2_poster.png|Angel wing Yellow_bear_cso2_costume_koreaposter.jpg|Yellow bear Korea_hat_cso2_costume_koreaposter.jpg|Korea cap File:Pigbackwear.png|Pig backwear File:Sharkbackwear.png|Shark backwear File:Goldenwingposter.png|Golden wing File:Firewingchina.png|Fire wing File:Cossheepback.png|Sheep backpack File:Cossheepglove.png|Sheep glove File:Cossheephead.png|Sheep hat File:Police_hat_cso2.jpg|Police Cap File:Strawhatchinaposter.png|Straw Hat File:Poseidonmagicrogchina.png|Poseidon's Magic Rod File:Vipgentlemanhat.png|VIP Gentleman Hat File:Goldengloves.jpg|Golden glove File:Rabbithat.jpg|Rabbit Hat File:Ricecakestick.jpg|Rice Cake Stick File:Pekingoperamask.jpg|Peking Opera Mask File:Pekingoperamaskflag.jpg|Peking Opera Flag File:Witchhat.jpg|Witch Hat File:Witchhat1.jpg|Ditto File:Witchbroom.jpg|Witch Broom File:Witchbroom1.jpg|Ditto File:Pumpkinhat2china.jpg|Pumpkin Hat File:Spartanhelmetchina.jpg|Spartan Helmet File:Spartanhelmetchina1.jpg|Ditto File:Xmascos2kr.jpg|Xmas Costumes File:Xmascoschina.jpg|Ditto File:Xmascoschina1.jpg|Ditto File:Monkeycostumes.jpg|Monkey Costumes File:Frog_costume.jpg|Frog Costumes File:Spring_outing_hat.jpg|Spring Outing Hat File:Artilleryhat_zombieshelling.jpg|Bombard Zombie Costumes Subb 160303 rornflqha.jpg File:Birthdaycakehatchina.png|Birthday Cake Hat File:Pandacoskr.jpg|Panda Costumes File:Pandahat.png|Panda Hat File:Pandaback.png|Panda Back File:Pandaglove.png|Panda Glove File:Beretsunglasskr.jpg|Commando Beret & Sunglasses File:Beretsunglass.png|Ditto File:Nursecoschinapos.png|Nurse Costumes File:M9glovetwhk.jpg|Task Force Combat Gloves File:Dragonboatchina.png|Dragon Boat Backpack File:Cameracap.png|Camera Cap File:Emoticonballoon.png|Actor Expression Balloons File:Taskforce.jpg|Task Force File:Nataliexmas_costume.png|Natalie (Santa Girl) File:Chickencostume.png|Chicken File:Goldenwingcostume.png|Golden Wing File:Shieldcostume.png|Shield

File:Batwingcostume.png|Bat Wing


  • The Valve accessory references Valve Corporation's Mr. Valve. Some other costumes also have Valve's icons or Counter-Strike's icons on them: Cargo Cap, Snow Hat or Sergeant Cap, etc...
  • The Headcrab originates from the Half-Life franchise, which a plush hat of it is also sold by Valve in their Valve Store.
  • The Ikseongwan and Jokduri are traditional Korean headgears, the former is worn by noblemen while the latter is for women during marriage occasions.
  • The Kim Min-Kyo mask refers to one of the celebrities from the South Korea's Saturday Night Live late-night comedy sketch.
  • The Chicken hat model resembles the chickens in market of Italy map.
  • The Frog costumes emits croaking sounds periodically when worn.

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