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New Epic Weapon


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Karin & Milia!

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Wind Walker!

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MG36 Refine!

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New Epic Weapon
New Transcendent Classes
New Transcendent Pistol
New Machine Gun


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Etc Fun Facts


Did you know that...

  • ...the background image for Keith Icahn icon is a never-released map?
  • ...when the Balrog-III is continuously being scoped in and out, it will still retain the BCS even if the user ceased fire?
  • ...JANUS-1 and M79 Sawed Off do not share their ammo eve though they use the same icon?
  • ...JANUS-1's ammo is bought one by one while M79 Sawed Off's ammo is bought all 5 in a purchase?
  • can use your expired weapon in buy list when you play tutorial?
  • ...when you play tutorial, it uses LAN connection rather than internet?
  • ...many sky images in CSO are taken from real life image in Korea?
  • ...Desert Eagle Crimson Hunter also can collect blood from opponent when he/she respawning?
  • ...if you deal enough damage at Panic Room, you can kill the AMP Suit before Kraken's tentacles smash the windows?
  • can infect up to five humans in a straight line with Sting Finger's [Penetration] skill?
  • Gallery map, you can destroy the obelisk which is at the center of the map?
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