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Counter top

The Counter Shop is a new system that replicates current event in Counter-Strike Online.


During the event period, you can earn Counter Point (CP) and exchange it for desired items through the Counter Shop exchange shop.


CP coins

Access the Counter Shop from the blue highlighted icon bellow the screen. You can earn CP coins by participating the event by these followings conditions:

Task Reward
Kill zombies or assist as a Human or Infect humans as Zombie (AI excluded)

A total of 15 kill points are achieved by following:

  • Zombie kill as a human: 3 points (AI excluded)
  • Zombie kill assist as a human: 1 point (AI excluded)
  • Infect humans as a zombie: 4 points (AI excluded)
  • Assist in infecting humans as a zombie: No points.
1 CP (8 CP per day)
Clear any Zombie Scenario map on Hard difficulty or higher and score 100 kills before clearing 1 CP (8 CP per day)
Play the game for 20 minutes 1 CP (1 CP per day)
When completing 2 of the missions below:
  • Click the Event Missions tab to check available event missions
  • When purchasing a Point Transcendence Decoder or Point Class Decoder at the store
  • Search once through ‘Search’
1 CP (1 CP per day)
Connect to PC room and play for at least 10 minutes 1 CP (2 CP per day)

You can also get up to 10 CP each day from Daily Missions.

  • You can earn up to 10 CP per day.
  • Daily missions are reset at midnight every day.
  • You can participate in play time accumulation missions in all modes. (Studio Mode included)
  • Participation in in-game missions other than cumulative play time is restricted in Studio Mode.
  • Participation is only possible in rooms with at least 3 or more people.
  • Regardless of mode, kills due to automatic hunting are not accumulate during the event.
  • Target Zombie Mode: Zombie Classic / Zombie Mutant / Zombie Hero / Zombie Z / Zombie Evolution
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, the 5 maps Double Gate, Lost City, Trap, Chaos, Culvert are excluded from the event.
  • A minimum of 5 minutes of play time is required to complete the Zombie Scenario mission.
  • CP's will be removed in bulk through new patch maintenance.
General Goods

The event rewards from Counter Shop are spread into 3 different category:

  • Special Item: This is a special group of items with high unlock conditions. (Unlock conditions are based on the accumulated CP (Counter Points) required for the item.)
  • Seasonal Item: This is a group made up of items that are appropriate for the seasonal and festive items. (The Seasonal rewards will add more items later updates)
  • Common Item: This is a group of items that can be exchanged without unlock conditions. (For general rewards, the limit on the number of exchanges per account will be reset after update maintenance)

Some locked/unobtainable items can also be updated in future updates

CP Usage history and Event missions navigation
  • You can click on the icon shown to access CP usage history
  • When you click on an item that has insufficient CP or is locked, a pop up message will guide you to event missions that allows you to gain more CP.