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Btn weaponmaking@nCraft is a system where the players can enhance weapons, assemble materials, manufacture weapons, disassemble items and paint their weapons.

Weapon Enhancement[]

Main article: Weapon Enhancement.

In this section, the players are able to enhance their weapons. The weapons can be enhanced in damage, accuracy, recoil, fusillade, weight and magazine size aspects. For every enhancement, enhancement kits are required to use.

Assembling materials[]

Durability item and weapon recipe can be obtained from killing enemies during gameplay, from Battlefield Supply, or by disassembling items. They can be assembled to get more powerful durability or recipe.

Manufacturing a weapon[]

A player needs to have a weapon recipe and durability item to start a manufacture. Manufacturing a weapon will need some game points, the cost will depend on the type of Durability to be crafted.

There are two support items that can be bought in Shop to increase the chance to manufacture something, commonly used along with rare weapon recipes.

Disassembling items[]

High grade weapons, characters, costumes and other items when disassembled will result in obtaining items that are weapon recipes, durability items and shorter-duration weapons (very rare).

Craft Reboot Update[]

On 19 December 2013, craft has been rebooted in South Korea. Many new features and modifications have been made.

Weapon recipe modification

The weapon recipes have been modified totally, now called as Combat Blueprints. Instead of separating pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle and machine gun recipes, new weapon recipe included the mixed category. For example, in Weapon Recipe Set 1, some weapons obtainable are Benelli M3 and Double Barrel. The available weapons can be seen in barracks.

Craft reboot screenshot5

The weapon recipes are also labelled as A, B, C, D, E and S to show their efficiency toward success assemble.

Craft reboot screenshot 1

Weapon Enhancement modification

You can now either go for manual enhancement or full enhancement. The latter will use up the amount of enhancement kits available in your barracks until there is no more enhancement kits or it fully completed the enhancement capacity. Some new menus were added for user-friendly purpose.

Craft reboot screenshot 2

Item transfer

Weapon recipes and durability items can be transferred to other accounts now via Craft Item Duffel Bag.

Craft reboot screenshot3

Permanent weapon disassemble

See this for more details: Second Password.

Permanent weapons can be disassembled now. However, it requires a 4-digit password for every disassembly to avoid any irreversible mistakes.

Craft reboot screenshot4

Painting weapons[]

Main article: Paint.

After the 4 December 2014 update of South Korea, this feature was added. The players now can use the paint designs to decorate their own cool weapons.

Craft Materials[]

Main article: Combat Blueprint

Combat Blueprint is needed to manufacture a weapon. There are various classes of blueprint that yields different type of weapons. Manufacturing with Grade [S] Blueprints have 0% chance of failure. The Grade [A] have high chance to get a successful manufacture, followed by [B], [C], [D] and [E].

Type Icon

Fabplan1s Fabplan1a Fabplan1b Fabplan1c Fabplan1d Fabplan1e


Fabplan2s Fabplan2a Fabplan2b Fabplan2c Fabplan2d Fabplan2e


Fabplan3s Fabplan3a Fabplan3b Fabplan3c Fabplan3d Fabplan3e


Fabplan4s Fabplan4a Fabplan4b Fabplan4c Fabplan4d Fabplan4e


Fabplan5s Fabplan5a Fabplan5b Fabplan5c Fabplan5d Fabplan5e


Fabplan6s Fabplan6a Fabplan6b Fabplan6c Fabplan6d Fabplan6e

A A-SkullBattlePlans A-BalrogBattlePlans A-JanusBattlePlans Maverick planA
S S-SkullBattlePlans S-BalrogBattlePlans S-JanusBattlePlans Maverick planB
Components SkullBattlePlansComponent BalrogBattlePlansComponent JanusBattlePlansComponent Maverick part

Main article: Durability Material

They can be obtained through roulette, by killing enemies or by disassembling weapons. The weapons crafted have various duration depending on which durability material is used.

Durability Maximum Duration
Durability1 1 Day
Durability3 2 ~ 3 Days
Durability10 8 ~ 10 Days
Durability30 24 ~ 30 Days
Durability90 72 ~ 90 Days
Durabilityperm 72 ~ 120 Days/Permanent

Main article: Secret Method: Lucky Master Craftsman
Main article: Secret Method: Recycling

These items can be used in craft to either increase the success percentage or recycle the craft items should the craft fail.

Secret Effect
Fabextralucky Increase success percentage
Fabextrarecycle Gave the players back items used for crafting if the crafting failed

Main article: Perfect Pick Recipe

Craft Tutorial[]

This section is only available in Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.


Honor mission
Title Description Task
A medal given to a Meister who succeeded to craft 300 weapons.[Meister] Gentleman! If you obtain the blueprint and durable goods, bring it to Henry. He can craft an advanced weapon for you with low price. Successfully craft 300 weapons of any grade.
A medal given to people who use recycled items through decomposition.
Gentlemen, this stuff is made without the need of anyone in the world. If you don't need it, just find Henry. You will be able to obtain useful materials through decomposition. Successfully decompose 1000 items in Craft.
A medal given to people who manufactured a lot of items through the combination.
Gentlemen, no need to be disappointed if you can't get the good stuff right now. If you have a lot of low-graded materials, you'll have to find Henry. The combination opportunity to get top material is always open. Successfully combine 1000 items in Craft.
A medal given to people who manufactured a lot of 1-day weapons.
Gentlemen, it is difficult to get good weapons. The price of weapons that can be obtained through manufacture is not cheap, is also a burden, too. A good weapon is the one which is possible for continuous using over extended periods of time. Manufacture 100 1-day weapons.
A medal given to people who acquires a permanent weapon by extending the period.
[Dream of Renewal]
Gentlemen, give your equipment is always good if you like that you make available. I do not regret to have a pre-prepare before the battle! Extend a weapon until 1000 days to get it permanent.
A medal given to people who successfully crafted a weapon with an unlimited period of time.
[Oh Yeah!]
Gentlemen, skills are important in order to survive on the battlefield, but also need some luck. In this sense, if you can get an eternal companion in manufacturing, you will have enough luck. Craft a weapon permanently.


Craft Reboot Update II[]

After the Free Update of South Korea, there are several changes to the Craft sytem:

  • Manufacturing and processing speed are improved when combined.
  • No fees required when assembling or disassembling items.
  • Changed contents of each Combat Blueprint.
  • Items expiry dates can be extended by using the Duration Extender.
  • If the duration of an item exceeds 1000 days, it can be made permanent.
  • Introduced Perfect Pick Recipe item.

Update 26 February 2015[]


  • In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies and Vietnam region, there is a very low chance of crafting failure, compared to other regions, due to the fact that the Secret Method items were removed in those regions.
  • After the 26 February 2015 update of South Korea, the Special Blueprints and Components were removed.
  • Since its debut in December 2014, this system has stopped its update in December 2016. However, the system is still available to use.