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Crono Athletic
Meet your end here!
— Crono Athletic said in Another Truth chapter

Crono Athletic or Cronobotics 53 is a boss in Another Truth chapter in Counter-Strike Online.


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Crono Athletic appeared at the end of Another Truth chapter. He was probably following Soi before, and when she met Jennifer at the heliport, he suddenly came out to attack the players.


  • Dash: Crono Athletic will strike the player to inflict damage.
  • Gun Spinning: Crono Athletic will spin 360 degrees to hurt nearby humans with Gatling gun.
  • Launching Rocket: Crono Athletic will launch rockets in a 180° movement, similar to the Fallen Titan.


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Honor mission

Title Description Task
Gentlemen, we have to face a new enemy to find out the truth. You can handle all the zombies if they are already addressed. Don't be afraid to put in front of the new enemy. We just move forward! Note: only counted in room with 4 players and above, easy stage is not included. Defeat Crono Athletic 100 times in Another Truth chapter.


CSO Zombie Scenario S5 Another Truth (Walkthrough & Boss)

CSO Zombie Scenario S5 Another Truth (Walkthrough & Boss)

CSO Korean - Zombie Scenario SS5 CH3 Another Truth

CSO Korean - Zombie Scenario SS5 CH3 Another Truth


  • This boss bears some resemblances with the Ustanak from "Resident Evil" series.
  • The word "KRONOS" can be seen on the boss's kevlar, which refers to the Kronos company.
  • His Gatling gun is the same as the XT-300 Goliath's.

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