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Kneel in front of Douglas's power!
— Crono Wing said in Last Ride chapter

Krono Wing or Kronobotics 54 is the boss in Last Ride chapter in Counter-Strike Online.


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Knowing the news of Ahn Soi and Jennifer taking off, Douglas still continue his pursure against them by deploying Krono Wing to their tracked helicopter, she is one of Douglas experimental super soldier deployed for airbone and ranged combat, classified as no.54.

She also tracked the radars that Ahn Soi made to communicate the HQ for a rescue pickup, leads to a final encounter on the watch tower.


  • Launch Missiles: Krono Wing will launch the missiles from her shoulders to attack players.
  • Shoot Minigun: Krono Wing will fire the minigun at her targets.
  • Shoot Grenade Launcher: Krono Wing will release a barrage of explosives with her grenade launcher.
  • Carpet Bomb: Krono Wing will fly toward the arena to bombard the targeted




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  • Her model is similar to Metatronic and Lilith, which has a lot of machined parts.
  • This is the third female boss in Counter-Strike Online, after Neid and Zavist.
  • This is the fourth boss that can fly after Angra, AMP Suit and Laser Wing. Unlike the previous ones, Crono Wing would not land on the boss arena unless it is defeated.
  • She has a very characteristic scream which resembles a Harpy -a female monster in the form of a bird with a human face in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • She's use AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles as rockets