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For the upgraded version, see Crossbow Advance.

The Crossbow is a Transcendent grade weapon under rifle category in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon is currently obtainable in Event Decoder.

The Crossbow in-game is fed with 50 rounds of Crossbow bolts. It can still be fired rapidly although its rate of fire is lower than any other assault rifle. The arrow that has been shot by the user does not instantly hit the target. It knocks back incoming zombies and suitable for defense.


  • Light weight
  • Has a usable sniper scope for long range attack
  • Low recoil
  • Penetrates Kevlar
  • Doesn't increase zombie's anger bar
  • Knocks away incoming zombies
  • High rate of fire


  • Arrows are not hit-scan
  • Not obtainable anymore
  • Cannot penetrate objects
  • Expensive for an assault rifle
  • Low stun power towards zombies


  • Its damage is nearly similar to the M14 EBR
  • It has the same rate of fire as the M14 EBR, which is low. Note that the rate of fire is higher when noot scoped.
  • Its recoil is lower than the M4A1, which is the good for spraying purpose.
  • It has the same weight as the Galil, which is effective for mobility.
  • It has a similar knockback as the TAR-21.
  • It costs the same as the Steyr AUG A1.
Zombie Infection
  • When attacking zombies in Zombie Hero, the Anger Bar will not increase. Perfectly useful for taking out any zombie.
  • 50 rounds of Crossbow can deal 1700 ~ 7300 damage to zombies.
Zombie Scenario
  • 50 rounds of Crossbow Advance can deal around 40,000 ~ 80,000 damage to Bosses, provided the attack power has been maxed.

Obtain procedure[]

This weapon was released alongside MP5 Tiger on February 9th 2010 (South Korea). Player must collect 4 happy new year cards to get



Mode Buy cost Ammo (1 clip) Ammo cost (1 clip) Ammo (full) Ammo cost (full) Total
Original $3500 50 $300 200 $1200 $4700
Zombie Scenario $3500 50 $300 600 $3600 $7100
Part Head Chest Gut & Arm Legs
Armored 146 48 47 34


Crossbow Advance

A crossbow that fires 50 rounds of bolts. It has a fast rate of fire and high accuracy in addition to a quiet firing mechanism that makes it perfect for attacking without being discovered. Unfortunately, bolts fly slower than bullets, so there is a delay before a target is hit. This upgraded version boasts enhanced performance and improved structure.

Crossbow Advance was obtainable by collecting kill points by following these rules:

  1. This event can only be conducted by those who has the original Crossbow.
  2. The Upgrade Event is only available once.
  3. After done upgrading, the original Crossbow is not deleted from your inventory.

However, Crossbow Advance can be obtained from Top 50 Decoder and available for Premium Weapon Enhancement.

Release date[]

  • South Korea & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 9 February 2010
  • China: 10 February 2010


Firing sound

Reload sound

Draw sound


  • The crossbow bolts that were shot are actual projectiles, instead of hitscan bullets like most firearms in the game.
  • It is classed as an assault rifle in the game even though it's not technically an assault rifle.
  • This is the first weapon that does not increase zombie's anger bar.
  • Like Plasma Gun, the enemy will receive damage indicator from every direction when a Crossbow user shoots him/her.

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