Room restrict shotgun.pngDaewoo USAS-12 (Universal Sports Automatic Shotgun 12 gauge) or simply USAS is an automatic shotgun in Counter-Strike Online.


USAS-12 is a 20 rounds shotgun that can be fired automatically. It does moderate damage but heavy in term of weight.


  • Large magazine capacity
  • High rate of fire
  • Can deal with a large group of enemies
  • High reserve ammunition
  • High stun to zombies


  • Cannot be fired while reloading
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Long reload time
  • Cannot be fired underwater
  • Useless at long range
  • Obtainable only through crafting
  • Purchasable only for Terrorists (original version)


Normal matches

  • Strike in close range and do not hold the FIRE button. Treat it as if it's a semi-auto shotgun.
  • USAS-12 does the same damage, has same recoil and rate of fire as Benelli M4.
  • USAS-12's gauges cannot penetrate objects.

Zombie Mods

  • Use the ammunition wisely as reloading is lengthy.
  • 20 rounds are strong enough to kill a low health zombie, where a full magazine can deal 1040 ~ 2080 damage to zombies.

Tactics facing USAS-12 user

Normal matches

  • Attack the player in long range as shotguns are useless in long range.

Zombie Mods

  • If you have more than 2000HP, just brave yourself to attack the user as he/she will not have enough gauge to kill you and will end up with reloading. Take this as an advantage to infect him/her (except when they use Deadly Shot or USAS Camo).


USAS-12 Camouflage
USAS-12 Camouflage is a jungle-painted USAS that deal higher damage, has higher fire rate and even lighter than the original weapon. It can be obtained from special event or Code Box. It can be purchased by the Counter-Terrorist too.

Skul 11 copy.png
SKULL-11 is the anti-zombie variant of USAS-12. It has higher firepower, fire rate and even lighter. Thus, it has narrow spread that is useful in engaging enemies in long range.

CROW-11 is an anti-zombie variant of USAS-12 that is equipped with CROW Reload System for faster reloading.

This is a shotgun remodelled after the Daewoo USAS-12 fed with 20 rounds of 12 Gauge. It's equipped with TURBULENT Engine System to make fast fire possible.

A variant of USAS-12 obtainable from Season 1 Compensation. Has larger magazine capacity (25) and does higher damage in Zombie modes and Zombie Scenario.


Firing sound

Draw sound

Reload sound


  • This is the first terrorist weapon to have a counterpart in a different weapon category, the K1A.
  • The USAS-12 is the heaviest weapon in its class.

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