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Room restrict shotgunDaewoo USAS-12 (Universal Sports Automatic Shotgun 12 gauge) or simply USAS is an automatic shotgun in Counter-Strike Online.


USAS-12 is a 20 rounds shotgun that can be fired automatically. It does moderate damage but heavy in term of weight.


  • Large magazine capacity
  • High rate of fire
  • Can deal with a large group of enemies
  • High reserve ammunition
  • High stun to zombies


  • Cannot be fired while reloading
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Long reload time
  • Cannot be fired underwater
  • Useless at long range
  • Obtainable only through crafting
  • Purchasable only for Terrorists (original version)


Normal matches[]

  • Strike in close range and do not hold the FIRE button. Treat it as if it's a semi-auto shotgun.
  • USAS-12 does the same damage, has same recoil and rate of fire as Benelli M4.
  • USAS-12's gauges cannot penetrate objects.

Zombie Mods[]

  • Use the ammunition wisely as reloading is lengthy.
  • 20 rounds are strong enough to kill a low health zombie, where a full magazine can deal 1040 ~ 2080 damage to zombies.

Tactics facing USAS-12 user[]

Normal matches[]

  • Attack the player in long range as shotguns are useless in long range.

Zombie Mods[]

  • If you have more than 2000HP, just brave yourself to attack the user as he/she will not have enough gauge to kill you and will end up with reloading. Take this as an advantage to infect him/her (except when they use Deadly Shot or USAS Camo).


USAS-12 Camouflage
USAS-12 Camouflage is a jungle-painted USAS that deals higher damage, has a higher fire rate and lighter than the original weapon. It can be obtained from special event or Code Box. It can be purchased by the Counter-Terrorist too.

Skul 11 copy
Main article: SKULL-11
SKULL-11 is the anti-zombie variant of USAS-12. It has higher firepower, fire rate and even lighter. Thus, it has narrow spread that is useful in engaging enemies in long range.

Main article: CROW-11
CROW-11 is an anti-zombie variant of USAS-12 that is equipped with CROW Reload System for faster reloading.

Main article: TURBULENT-11
This is a shotgun remodelled after the Daewoo USAS-12 fed with 20 rounds of 12 Gauge. It's equipped with TURBULENT Engine System to make fast fire possible.

A variant of USAS-12 obtainable from Season 1 Compensation. Has larger magazine capacity (25) and does higher damage in Zombie modes and Zombie Scenario.

Main article: USAS-12 Conqueror
The power of the ancient Vikings has been incorporated into USAS12. As a special attack, you can summon a Viking ax to attack the surrounding area and then throw the ax.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 17 June 2010
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 27 April 2010
  • China: 28 April 2010
  • South Korea: 24 January 2019.
  • China & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 29 January 2019
  • Indonesia: 30 January 2019.
  • CSNZ: 20 February 2019.


Firing sound

Draw sound

Reload sound


  • This is the first terrorist weapon to have a counterpart in a different weapon category, the K1A.
  • The USAS-12 is the heaviest weapon in its class.
  • The gun is depicted to have a reciprocating charging handle (the view model even holds the handguard in an awkward angle to avoid it), which is not present in the real-life counterpart. This is rectified on SKULL-11.

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