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Daily Mission
Special mission promo
Type Mission
Time range 27 April 2011 ~ Present
Description Complete any daily missions and redeem various rewards

Daily Mission Challenge is a mission system in Counter-Strike Online.

New Daily Missions[]


In Season
Off Season

Daily missions are simplified and the Black Market is added during off-season periods.

  1. Eleven missions are fixed to the three kinds. No need to choose one of several three missions, you can achieve ten thousand kinds of fixed duties.
  • Daily missions that have not been completed will not be reset and will remain.
  • Completed missions start anew at midnight every day.
  • Receiving Daily Mission Item Function and Name Change - The item name is changed due to the change of the difficulty level of the daily mission.
  • Change your daily task difficulty (Low, Normal, High) have been able to change the difficulty of the task you want.
  • When changing, the progress of the mission is maintained, so please select it according to your needs.

Black Market[]

Main article: Black Market

Old Daily Missions[]


The player has the option to complete any daily missions in order to to get various rewards. Rewards for completing Daily Missions consist of choosing a random box (random equipment or EXP coupon), or a C-grade Combat Blueprint. Players may opt to use Reward preview item to know what is in the prize before choosing it.

There must be at least four human players in the game for a progress to be counted. These missions will reset everyday at 6 AM the following day and any unredeemed prizes will be reset.

Available Missions[]

Mission Description Task Tips
Glorious Winner The world works by the law of the jungle. Only the winner can survive in this world. This is the only thing that I've learnt for a long time by coming in and out every government and the facilities. Your mission will be very simple. It is just about winning and defeat the weakening to achieve victory. Rest assured you will be rewarded accordingly. 3 times of final victory in a mode which has a Win/Defeat. Good experience is needed to compete with other teammates. Alternately, Scenario map completions are counted.
Are You Qualified? You cannot look down on a soldier like me. It is a difficult job for a novice like you. No one will hire you, especially, if you don't have the ability to defeat an enemy at one shot. Yes, headshot is a necessary skill for a killer.

However, you look quite different with the other novice as I can feel your qualification to be a killer. By the way, hey! I have a task for you right now, fret not, you will be awarded accordingly after task completion. Do you want to show me your abilities?

Land 5 headshots on enemies.
Perfect Headshot Gentleman, shooting skill is the most basic thing to a soldier. Without a headshot which can kill an enemy at one shot, your life will be in danger.

Moreover, you need to put in effort to make a perfect headshot even if the enemy is easy to kill.

If you understood, go to the battlefield and prove your capacity to me. That's all.

Land 7 headshots on computer enemies continuously. Human Scenario or Zombie Scenario games are recommended. Noted that you must do 7 headshots without any missed shots.
C4 Operation Support This is an emergency situation. An urgent request for reinforcement has arrived as C4 specialist soldier in operating area army is absent. Umm... You might not have a problem in controlling C4 in your career..

Hurry up, you don't have enough time. Go to the operating area and perform the related operations with the C4. I will try to reach out for the troops...

Plant or defuse C4 for 3 times in bomb defuse maps.
Hostage Rescue Terrorist is making a disturbance again. I can understand their position as I have gone through similar situation as them... Ah, what did I say just now? I will tell you a mission from the government.

Rescue a hostage in operating area from terrorist. For sure, the rewards will be a good one as it's a top priority mission.

Rescue 5 Hostages.
Assassination Request Sometimes, we need to be cruel if we want to do business. The most economical solution to control a target who disturb the business is by removing them without any hesitation. However, it is the terrorist's role and I do not want to dirty my hands.

Don't worry, I will pay you enough for the job... Please remove the VIP without traces if you capture him in the Oil prospecting ship.. You don't need to know who he is.

Kill 3 VIPs. Only available in Oilrig.
Throw Hand Grenades Gentleman, it is very important to have the ability to identify a war situation and take a suitable action as a soldier. Most importantly, you need to know how to use a hand grenade in an urgent confrontation situation.

This mission requires you to use hand grenade every now and then. Go to the battlefield and use your hand grenade efficiently to defeat the enemies. That's all!

Kill any player enemies with any frag grenades. Host a Frag War room.
Are you the weapon expert? Please listen carefully, I have one task for you. This client requested something very special. Most of all, I need someone who is very familiar with any kinds of weapons such as pistol, knife, like me.

You might... need at least one pistol and a knife to complete this task.

Do you understand? You need to kill people continuously. One with the pistol and the other one with the knife.

Kill a player enemy with any secondary weapons then kill another enemy with knife without being killed.
Show me your ability like what 100 warriors can achieve! Gentleman, you must remember that a large number of soldiers doesn't mean many things in a war.An excellent soldier can manage to defeat lots of enemies with his ability like 100 warriors.

I will give you a mission to kill enemies. You need to kill lots of enemies alone since this war is not favorable to us. I believe that you can kill at least 5 enemies before coming back to me.

Succeed in 5 continuous kills without dying in Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch Modes.

Noted that death by trigger is not counted as killed (by Airstrikes, by special skills in Item Battle, falling down...). If a player dies by those reasons above during doing this mission, it will still count.

In contrast, if the player kills 5 enemies, including using those skills, it will still count as 5 normal kills for him/her.

Collect Heroes' Information Our Aegis Institute is conducting more studies on Hero who did a great job defeating the zombies. As the horrible zombies have an ability to evolve, we also cannot ignore to study for improving hero's ability. However, it is troublesome as we do not have enough data from the actual battle. It will be very helpful for our study if you can bring us a data that related with hero in the battlefield. Survive 3 times as the Hero in Zombie: The Hero. Create a Zombie: The Hero room with 4 players (call your friends). Start the game. 2 get in and play and 2 don't choose character and stay AFK in select menu. Play until you survive 3 times. It will take around 15 to 60 minutes to become the Hero, depending on luck.
Morale Boost Experience! Morale boost effect is the one that led the great counter-attack from the horrible zombies. Our Easis laboratory is analyzing the morale boost effect to prepare a way to annihilate the zombies in more efficient way.

However, we have insufficient data to even continue! Can you help us with this? Go into their den and experience the morale boost, let us know how it is like!

Reach 200% or more Morale Boost in Zombie: The Hero for 5 times. Join any Zombie Hero map which consists of 32 players to achieve it easily.
No bullets are allowed! Do you know the meaning of 'Many drops make a shower'? It means even a very small amount of money can turn into big funds by accumulating. So saving is very important.

Based on my saving theories, bullets used to kill zombies are also kind of wasting. You will be an economical soldier if you can kill zombies without wasting any bullets. So what do you think? I don't mind investing in such a soldier...

Kill a zombie with a melee weapon in Zombie 1: Original, Zombie 2: Mutation, Zombie 3: Hero or Zombie 4: Darkness. Use strong melee weapons like Nata Knife, SKULL-9, BALROG-IX or JANUS-9.
Remove Host Hey you, what do you actually know about zombies? I have fought them for a long time and am very experienced about zombies. To beat them, you must remove the the Host Zombie first. That's the fastest way. Well, now that you got it, go on and do your duty. How? or maybe you want to linger a little longer in a battle with the zombies? Kill 5 Host Zombies (Origin Zombies) in Zombie: The Mutation or Zombie: The Hero. Use strong weapons and aim to the head.
Claim Supply Box This is an emergency! Sector B7 is once again being attacked by a zombie. I will send help immediately! There are zombies everywhere, and this will likely delay reinforcements. We need your help to fight the zombie horde. There will be some supply boxes. Use it wisely because it will be an invaluable aid. Collect 10 Supply boxes in Zombie: The Mutation or Zombie: The Hero. Supply box is dropped randomly on Zombie Mods maps every 30 seconds.
Broken Alliance Would not it be interesting if you look at people and join hands with each other when zombies are on the battlefield? not destroy each other. An old friend believes if it can be done, but was eventually killed by this dangerous alliance. Now, let's back. We do the same thing. It is natural for humans trying to destroy the evidence and the zombie trying to destroy mankind. Kill 10 humans with a zombie and kill 10 zombies on a human in Zombie: The Union.
Hunt Juggernaut This is a depressed situation. Rumor has it that a huge zombie Juggernaut appeared in Lost City and it is spreading around various districts. It will be a disaster, if we do not take any action to kill Juggernaut which has already mess up the city in each area.

You are our only hope as you have killed the zombies in many occasions. Please kill Juggernaut to decrease its number.

Kill Juggernaut for 5 times in Zombie Scenario Mode. Recommended to play in Threat, Lost City and Double Gate chapters.
Contribute to the public! A stupid person only knows how to use money for himself and do not have any interest in donation or investment. However, if you are a smart businessman, you must know that the investment for the public will return to your interest in the end.

This is also applicable for a soldier like you. I have an intention to invest in you if you were to contribute to the public interest such as Defence Wall upgrade in Double Gate operating area.

Conduct 5 times of Defense Wall upgrade in Zombie Scenario Mode, Double Gate map. Use Secret Research Funds item to complete this mission effectively.
Defeat Titan Gentleman, I don't want to admit but I guess the current situation in the battle field looks very bleak. If we want to defeat Vanguard Company, we need to take down their commander-in-chief and leaders to gain victory. You're going to the front line and annihilate Titan. Yes, they are enemies that wore mask and always holding on to their mini gun! Eliminate 5 Titans. Barrett M95 is recommended to use.
Directed Bombing Support Our Aegis laboratory’s goal is to annihilate all the zombies. However, our enemy, Vanguard Company has tried to steal necessary sample for their research purpose. They are the main reason for the invention of this directed bombing device. Your mission is to coordinate a directed bombing in the battlefield. If you deliver the coordinate, we will be able to activate the directed bombing device. Kill 50 troops by using Air Strikes in Human Scenario. Kill Titans as much as possible to earn money and level up the Airstrikes quickly.
All-Round Player This is a big problem. I have a soccer match in the afternoon at my army but we do not have enough players in our team. Yes? Do you really want to replace the player? Ah, thank you very much. I will reward you accordingly if you can contribute to our team's victory in today’s match. Score, defense and assist a goal for 3 times (for each) in soccer mode.
Stronghold Occupation Even at this very moment, weapons that will decide the outcome of the global power struggle are being produced in my factory. But it seems like they're wreaking havoc. Go and take care of this situation. It's not a big deal but it is quite a disturbance. This mission can only be completed in a room with 4 or more players. 200 kills in Metal Arena mode.
Zombie Sweep What's vital for controlling the damage caused by the zombies is to regularly reduce their population. Who knows? Maybe starting small can eventually lead to the extermination of the zombies! Maybe... You don't look opposed to the task in any case. 100 zombie kills in Zombie Scenario Mode Can be achieved only in a room with 4 or more players.
First Steps 1 Soldier, as you know, your First Step is always the most important! Now stand up and do something! Reach 20 min of gameplay. AFK in lobby is also counted.
First Steps 2 I'm pretty sure you know what to do! What are you looking at? Don't stop now! Reach 40 min of gameplay. AFK in lobby is also counted.
First Steps 3 Good job, soldier! You probably feel more confident now. But that's no reason for you to be arrogant! Reach 60 min of gameplay. AFK in lobby is also counted.
Fragrance Expert The barrage of zombies are becoming more severe. More stable shelter needs, but now I lack a number of experts. You better get more experience to grow your skill as professionals. Take the best professional skills in New Zombie Shelter (Cloak/Airstrike/C4). Can be achieved only in a room with 2 or more players.
Shopping Addiction Although our shelter is safe with much effort, the firearms are still not enough. It is known that there is a black market held in secret place to avoid the eyes of zombies. Please buy weapons there. You'll be able to build a more stable shelters due to the weapons. Buy weapons from 3 different black markets in New Zombie Shelter. Can be achieved only in a room with 2 or more players.
Fraud Charge Zombies are weaker thanks to the fraud charging effects. Aegis Institute analyzes the effects of fraud charging and gets ready to destroy the zombies efficiently. Before go back into a zombie nest, you better get enough experience about fraud charge rather than having no information about it. Achieve 230% Fraud Charge for 5 times in Zombie Hero. Can be achieved only in a room with 4 or more players.
Virus Propagator More samples are necessary in order to study... I need more zombies. Turn humans into zombies. Sacrifice them for my research! Infect 10 humans in Zombie modes. Can be achieved only in a room with 4 or more players.
Master of Refills This is a big deal. The communication for sending supply box has been infested, it is difficult to properly communicate to the state as zombies come from everywhere. Please break through the zombies to get the boxes. It is going to be a great help in battle. Use Supply Box for 10 times in Zombie Mutant/Hero. Can be achieved only in a room with 4 or more players.
Air Standstill The little bomb we paid for is not just like what it looks. Especially if you want to broaden your force skillfully. Go ahead and show your skills. Achieve more than 2 seconds of airtime through the usage of Zombie Grenades for 3 times. Can be achieved only in a room with 4 or more players.
Hawk Eye You should be able to distinguish between fake and real which make it more outstanding personnel. Inside that bunch of zombies, there must be one which causes the virus. Please go ahead and find a real zombie to kill. Successfully escape as the zombie for 3 times in Zombie Tag. Can be achieved only in a room with 4 or more players.


18 December 2014[]

Daily Mission Prize Reset

The players are now able to choose between two types of prizes:

6 August 2015[]

  • Claim Supply Box --> Master of Refills (Zombie Mutant/Hero)
  • Morale Boost Experience! --> Fraud Charge (Zombie Hero)


Title Description Task
A medal is given to a Perfectionist who never miss out on any of his mission
Gentleman, everyone has their own weaknesses. However, you are the real perfectionist if you do not allow yourself to be careless in missions. Succeed to clear all daily missions in one day.

God of Mission
[God of Mission]

A medal will be given to the player who has cleared all daily missions for 100 times without any difficulties. Clear all daily missions for 100 times.