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Deadly Shot or Death Confirmation Shot is a human ability in Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero.


After the Free Update patch (Zombie Mode Rework patch for Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies), this item becomes a free default item in all player's inventories.

The Deadly Shot ability can only be used once in a round with the key 6 by default. When used, the amount of damage done by the user's weapon will be increased to as high as the amount of damage a headshot is given. This means that any body part of a zombie that is hit by the player's weapon will be counted as headshots. This is essential in emergency situations such as when the zombies are about to breakthrough.


  • Use it when there are a lot of zombies in front of you and in places such as ducts for maximum performance.
  • Target host zombies due to their very little amount of HP.
  • Any weapon with high rate of fire or damage are recommended.
  • When zombies start a chain infection, that is the best time to use the skill especially when you are at the end of the ducts.
  • Don't activate the skill when using weapons which can't perform headshots such as Plasma Gun or the B mode of BALROG-XI
  • Some weapons like Barrett M95 White Tiger can kill some zombie classes with 1 shot with a high enough morale boost and the skill activated
  • Backstabbing with a powerful enough melee (such as a charged Blade Runebreaker or Dual Sword Phantom Slayer's second stab) with the skill activated will deal tremedous damage to enemies, sometimes even enough to kill most zombie classes with 1 backstab


  • It is not advisable to engage human with this ability whenever you're low on healthpoints.
  • Small-sized zombies are recommended since they are harder to be hit, specially the Light zombie due to her slim built.
  • Don't use Venom Guard's skill against somone with this ability activated since it'll perform headshot when you explode and kill you permanently
  • Use Deimos' skill against the player with this ability activate if you are skilled enough to attack the user



  • This ability has been replaced with Concentrated fire in Zombie 4: Darkness.
  • Deadly Shot is well-known to be highly abused, which allows users to deal extremely high damage from weapon exploits.
  • Since Free Update was patched, Deadly Shot now works also with melee weapons similar to Concentrated fire. In addition, the Bloody Blade skill was removed.
  • In Vietnam region, it is named as Confirmation Killing instead.