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Death Eater is a Transcendent grade shotgun in Counter-Strike Online.


A shotgun developed with alien technology that can hit nearby targets with its basic attacks. Its special attack, Hyper Beam, deals damage to enemies in front of the shooter.


  • Cheap price in match for Transcendence Weapon
  • High damage value for both basic and special attacks
  • Basic attack casts red lightning that auto target nearby enemies
  • Basic attack inherits effective secondary like Lighting Fury
  • Special ammo is replenished over time instead of requiring to shoot primary ammo
  • High rate of fire
  • Short reload time
  • Very accurate for a shotgun in A mode. This means that Death Eater can deal significant damage even in almost long distance.
  • B mode can easily push far away any zombie, even Ganymede when he's using his anti-knockback skill.


  • Low chance to obtain
  • Not available at all time
  • Unable to be fired under water
  • Special attack has limited range
  • Ammo easily runs dry
  • Damage is greatly reduced over distance
  • B mode can't perform a headshot, even with Deadly shot.
  • B mode sometimes doesn't push away zombies


  • Crosshair notification when hitting is successful
  • Unlimited reserve magazines in scenario mode
  • Hyper Beam: Right-click to fire a beam that deals damage to enemies ahead of you. Knocks zombies back in Zombie modes.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 16 June 2022.
  • China: 22 June 2022.
  • CSNS: 29 June 2022.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 29 June 2022.

Comparison to Inferno Cannon[]

  • Cheaper
  • Higher damage
  • Lower recoil
  • Lighter
  • Shorter reload time
  • Higher unlock level in Zombie Z
  • Lower rate of fire
  • Smaller magazine size
  • Most attacks are for close range


Shoot sound


  • The weapon design is heavily inspired by the shotgun from Scorn.