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Defuse Kit
Defuse kit
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Cash point0
Game point0
Price in match$200
Used forDecrease time taken to defuse a C4
System codedefuser

Defuse kit or defuser is a piece of equipment in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online exclusive to the Counter-Terrorist. However, it becomes one of Terrorist equipment in (only) Battle Rush mode.


Defuse kit is only available to Counter-Terrorists in bomb defuse maps. It costs $200 and can reduce time taken to defuse a planted C4 by the Terrorists to 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds. It is essential as a C4 has a timer of 35 seconds to explode. If a Counter-Terrorist died, the defuse kit will drop and another Counter-Terrorist can pick it up.

Defuse kit also appears in Battle Rush mode (but for Terrorists to prevent Counter-Terrorists from destroying obstacles with the C4).


Daily mission[]

Appointer Mission Description
Felix C4 Operation Support Plant or defuse C4 3 times.