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Zombie F Set: Demented Doctor was the sixth zombie set in Counter-Strike Online. It is exclusive to Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union.


This set was removed after the Free Update patch, as now the zombies and items become default in all player's inventories.

When using this set, a human player can use the Sprint ability. It is used as a runaway tactic from the zombies that are chasing after the players. As a result, the player will get exhausted and his/her speed will decrease tremendously for 5 seconds. (player's running speed will almost be the same as crouching speed)

When infected, a human player has the ability to choose Psycho Zombie which can pop out black smokescreen that can limit visibility, similar to Smoke Grenades.


  • Use Sprint ability to run away after a strongpoint is compromised by the zombies. Players may even be able to reach inaccessible places with Sprint ability.
  • Be mindful of the side effect of the Sprint skill once exhausted, plan a safe escape route that can be reached before the side effects emerge.
  • Pop out black smoke to limit the human's line of visibility if transforming to Psycho Zombie.



This set was released alongside Inferno map and other zombie sets on 8 March 2012.

This set can be obtained for free for 1 day during the event from 8 to 21 March 2012.


This set was released alongside Fire and Curse, Bomb Specialist and QBB-95 on 21 August 2013.


  • This was a rarely-bought set due to its hard-to-use methods.