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Demolition Hammer is a Transcendent melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from certain events.

A melee weapon for close combat made using the technology of the Aegis Research Lab. As a huge two-handed hammer, you can feel its heaviness just by holding it. When the gauge is recharged, a powerful slashing attack and follow-up hits using a steel poles are possible.

Special function[]

<Thermal Dissipation>

Activation conditions: Right-click when the gauge reaches at 100 percent. After a powerful blow, a steel pole is embedded in the hit position. When the steel pole is hit, an electric field along the ground deals damage to the surroundings. It deals damage and pushes enemies away. After a certain period of time, a steel pole that has not been hit self destructs and deals damage to the surrounding area.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 29 June 2023.

Demolition Cores[]

Demolition cores

Special material that can be exchanged for Demolition Hammer. Collect 300 to obtain Demolition Hammer (Permanent).

  • This is a cumulative collection item.
  • Demolition Cores can only be obtained during the event period, and unused pieces will be removed after maintenance.



  • The weapon charging sound plays twice if used on first person due to the fact the additional sound is meant to be used on third person view.