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Desert Storm (hs_desertstorm) or Sandstorm (for Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies) is the first Human Scenario map in Counter-Strike Online.

Official Description[]

After we have obtained the sample of Phobos corpse from the unidentified facility, our troops started to transport it to the headquarters. We have decided to take a roundabout way through the desert for a safer route. While traveling in the desert, a large scale of fire started to rain above our head in a sudden. Due to this sudden attack, we need to find cover quickly and hide ourselves in the nearby ruined place to ensure the safety of the samples. Even with a glance, we could notice that enemies are coming in armies with lots of elite soldiers with huge airborne weapons. They were not zombies! Who are they?

- From the diary of transportation support troop commanding officer, Victor.


  1. While the search force was in constant battle with zombies and giant bosses, the transport units with samples of the prototype Phobos were detoured to the zombie-free desert.
  2. A transport unit is attacked by a large number of enemies with no known affiliation while moving. It was a state-of-the-art unknown force combining elite soldiers and huge aerial weapons.
  3. Victor divides the unit into two to safely transport the sample and removes the unit with the sample to the rear, and the rest meets the enemy in an abandoned village.
  4. In the end, even the air weapon, the RAH-66 Comanche, is mobilized to attack, but using the abandoned building as a shield, he succeeds in turning the Comanche into scrap metal.
  5. CF. The Comanche is the new weapon of the Vanguard Company, possessing excellent ground warfare ability and formidable firepower. He is known to benefit from attacking weakly armed cockpits.


Black box

Desert Storm is an annihilation-based Human Scenario map. There are 10 rounds in this map and the players must defeat a certain number of enemies before the given time runs out. The player will meet Comanche in Round 10 and must destroy it in 30 minutes. The players will receive Comanche Record Device as the reward of destroying the Comanche.

The team leader (Host) can choose to play in Normal or Extreme mode.

Order of Appearance[]

Round Enemies Rewards
1 Trooper $200 (+$10 each round)
2 & 3 New: Ghost $300 (+$10 each round)
4 New: Lancer $400 (+$10 each round)
5 New: Titan $1000 (+$10 each round)
6 ~ 9 New: Heavy Titan $1000 (+$10 each round)
10 RAH-66 Comanche, Trooper, Ghost and Lancer $5000 (+$10 each round)


Desert Storm was released on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 21 March 2012.
  • Indonesia: 3 May 2012.
  • Turkey: 19 March 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


Victor msg
  1. This is Commander Victor. Survival unit, please response.
  2. We kept the samples in the northwest headquarters which is 5km away from you.
  3. I've received a report from reconnaissance unit which mentioned that they have captured the enemy's position.
  4. I believe they must have thought that the sample is with you.
  5. I am requesting for directed bombing, so please try to utilize it to earn their attention.
Comanche Combat
  1. I believe they have just sent you a small gift.
  2. That type is Comanche. I've known it as it is discarded in the middle of development...
  3. Anyway, please defeat it and rescue us.
  4. Good luck.


Round 1 ~ 9[]

  • Use the default MP5, automatic sniper rifles or Plasma Gun to engage.
  • Avoid going outside, as there is no cover and enemies will quickly kill you.
  • Beware of grenades, they are capable of bringing your health down extremely quickly.

Round 10[]

  • Use anti-material weapons like AT4, M95, AS50 or AT4-CS.
  • Hide downstairs, or use Airstrike when the Comanche is about to use its rockets.
  • Set up Sentry gun on upstairs to aid in engaging Comanche and Vanguard troop.


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to a veteran for his hit and run skill[Comanche Hunter] Gentleman, do you know a method to destroy high-tech weapon? It is pretty Simple, Hit and Run!! If you have the ability to aim straight at the enemy's weak point, you'll notice that even an astronomical figure price weapon is just a scrap iron for a noob! (Available in Annihilation: Desert Storm/Pursuit: Hellfire maps) Defeat Comanche for 100 times.



  • Desert Storm takes place on August 10, XXXX
  • There are Arabic signs in this map with English translation.
  • The skybox was not updated for Singapore/Malaysia version and uses the default one.
  • In previous releases, there was a bug which allows the player to not be detected by the NPCs, giving them an unfair advantage.
  • This map resembles Alamo mission from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scene.