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Divine Blaster is an Epic grade Equipment in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon is obtainable from Divine Fragment.

An ultimate weapon of the heavens, created with celestial technology. Allows the wielder to fire 50 scatter-shot rounds, summon Purifying Wings to burn enemies who approach, and draw energy from the wings to blast foes with Purifying Light.

  • Notify to crosshair when hit is successful
  • Special Mode: Purifying Wings: Once enough energy has been charged up, right-click to create wings of light that burn nearby enemies. If enough energy has been consumed by the time you deactivate the wings, fires a blast of Purifying Light.


  • Spreading your Purifying Wings removes all movement interruption effects on you and damages nearby enemies. Damage: 6 (Normal), 300 (Zombie), 413 (Scenario)
  • Purifying Light damages a target and explodes to hit nearby enemies. Purifying Light Damage: 103 (Normal), 7,200 (Zombie), 14,800 (Scenario).


  • High damage
  • High accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • 360 degree radius attack (Purifying Wing)
  • Can easily disable Rusty Wing and Chaser (Purifying Wing in close range)
  • Can escape from Heavy Zombie traps and invulnerable to Stamper's Maiden effects (When activate Purifying Wings)
  • Decent weight
  • Lacks of supply box reliability due to energy self recharge.


  • Low rate of fire
  • Low knockback
  • Purifying Wings depends on the amount of energy and last for a limited time
  • Purifying Wings canceled when reload and have to reactivate again after. Also canceled when performing beam attack
  • Ineffective at long range due to scatter shots
  • Limited to obtain


  • Deadly shot can be used with Purifying Wings, dealing devasting amounts of damage to all zombies in it's radius
  • Purifying Wings can protect user from incomming Chaser and Rusty Wing (range dependent) attacks
  • It is able to cancel Stamper's iron maiden effects and escape from Heavy's traps
  • However, it can't stop you from being pulled by Banshee, can't stop a Plunging Ganymede and Deimos' Shock skill can still drop the player's Divine Blaster (even in Purifying Wings mode).

Release date[]

  • South Korea & China: 4 February 2021.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 8 February 2021.
  • CSN:S: 17 February 2021.

Comparison to Heaven Splitter[]

Heaven scorcher
  • Cheaper (-$150)
  • Higher damage in all modes
  • Higher rate of fire (+23%)
  • Higher knockback power (+1%)
  • Higher stun power (+5%)
  • Higher magazine size (+20)
  • Has Purifying Wings mode and 360 degree radius attack
  • Same accuracy
  • Same weight (4%)
  • Both are very hard to obtain
  • Higher recoil (+11%)
  • Longer reload time (-1.0 second)
  • Much less effective at longer ranges
  • No splash damage in A mode
  • Doesn't have explosive rounds which keeps detonating after first hit
  • Doesn't have mines

Obtain procedure[]

Permanent route

Obtain all cards to get a permanent Divine Blaster.

Condition Reward
Collect 15 Divine Fragments Winggun card1
Log in into the game Winggun card2
200 minutes of game play Winggun card3
Obtained from Epic Decoder (1 type is provided according to each probability among rewards). '2021 Happy New Year's nameplate' included


Winggun card4
1 day route

Collect all cards to get Kal-El's Gift Box.

Condition Reward
Collect 30 Divine Fragments TextL0121
Log in to the game TextL0221
Play 30 minutes for 10 days TextL0321
Play 400 minutes during the event TextL04

Kal-El's Gift Box[]


The 2021 Happy New Year 'Wings of Light' Collection Event achievement reward box. Reward List


Doom Blaster
Main article: Doom Blaster

A demonic weapon, forged in the depths of hell. Allows the wielder to fire 60 scatter-shot rounds, summon Decimation Wings to burn enemies who approach, and draw energy from the wings to blast foes with Doomsday Strike.


Shoot sound #1

Shoot sound #2


  • This weapon is designed after Kal-El, and is his signature weapon.
  • Post-release controversy: this weapon was widely criticziced due to it's poor perfomance as an Epic grade weapon and not begin able to outperform their own Epic primary weapon predecesors (Gungnir and Heaven Splitter). The 9 February 2021 Update in China buffed this weapon before the rest of the server does.
  • This weapon has a reload animation while Purifying Wing is on, but it was cut in the game due to ballance reasons.
  • This is the second weapon known to have moving particle effect, the first one is X-TRACKER