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Check out our new agents in town. They are hot!
— CSO SG/MY blurb

Double Agent Package (Singapore/Malaysia version) or Asian Beauty Package (Indonesia version) is a set that unlocks Choi Ji Yoon and Ritsuka models.



It has been a long wait but not anymore. Finally, we are able to announce the arrival of our 2 agents, each from the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist camps, Agent Choi Ji Yoon and Ritsuka. Been the nemesis of each other, they cannot even stand the look of each other. However, we have decided to celebrate their entry by introducing the Double Agent Package at a limited time only. You do not want to miss this chance to own both agents in your barrack camp.

Double Agent Package includes:

  • Choi Ji Yoon (30 days)
  • Ritsuka (30 days)


After purchasing this set, the player will get Choi Ji Yoon and Ritsuka for permanent. This set is only available from 4 January 2012.