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Double Gate
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Double Gate (zs_2gate) is the second Zombie Scenario map in Counter-Strike Online.


The spawn base is set on the center of the map. The players must survive the attacks from different waves of incoming zombies from three different locations. This map runs in 5 rounds with 3 minutes time limit for each round. Players can utilize the double gates as a barrier so that they could kill the zombies unharmed. The strength of the gates can be increased by spending $5000 for each level, with a maximum of 28 levels through a control panel at the spawn zone.

Official Description[]

Finally, the endless attacks from the zombies at the center of the city have stopped and the surviving soldiers have escaped from the place. They have tried to communicate with the outside world at a safer place and ends up reminding them that they were completely isolated.

They started searching around to figure out the reason of the isolation and while searching, they sensed someone's presence from the nearby deserted building and they found two people who are wearing protective clothing. When the soldiers called for them, they look embarrassed and ran away with their equipment. The Soldiers followed their back and entered a nearby building which is under construction but only found some destroyed equipment.

When they took the remaining equipment, they heard horrible shriek of the zombies. Realizing that the zombies were near to them, they built a protective wall by using materials from the construction site to prepare for the battle...


The advance unit requested a rescue unit, but communication with the headquarters was not easy, and while they were out of the battle area for a while and reorganizing the battlefield, they found a suspicious duo in the village. The advance crew spoke to them, but they hurriedly run away, leaving only their gear behind.

The advance crew who acquired the radio equipment left behind by this mysterious duo moves along with the radio equipment without knowing that the equipment has attracted zombies.


Special Mission[]

Appointer Title Task
Felix Double Gate Support Kill 300 zombies in Double Gate Easy/Normal/Hard.

Honor Mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to players who have cleared Double Gate for 400 times
[Gate Keeper]
Gentleman, the scariest moment is when we feel that there is no way to escape from those zombies' hands. The most brave soldier is the one who protects a death door against the fear of zombies which has tighten from the end edge of each narrow street. (Easy stage is not included) Clear Double Gate 400 times.


  • Juggernauts are deadly due to its [Fast Attack Rate], watch your distance.
  • Split up to make sure no gate is unguarded. 6 players around A and 4 at B is the recommended strategy.
  • Upgrade gates whenever there is suficcient fund.
  • Watch out for ambush zombies that appeared in round 3 and onwards.
  • HARD 5 above may require A-tier Scenario weapons or any proper Costumes (see Scenario) setups.



  • After the 26 March 2015 update of South Korea, the number of rounds was reduced from 20 to 5. The total amount of map completion required to get the medal was increased from 100 to 400, but this change is not reflected in its medal graphics and Steam Achievement.