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Mysterious scientist Dr.A has appeared silently and passed you the 'below trunk' as a reward for collecting three siege type samples.
— Official description

Dr. A's Trunk was a special item in Counter-Strike Online.

This item is no longer obtainable after the Z-Noid patch.


The player will get items after opening this box which help them efficiently in Zombie Scenario and Human Scenario. It lasts for 30 days (10 days for Human Scenario) per box.

These items are required to obtain the Trunk (Note: they were removed after Re:boot. Instead, players will receive the new ones). The player can get one box after using one set.

Zombie Scenario Season 1[]

Set 1[]

Set 2[]

Human Scenario set[]

Zombie Scenario Season 2 Set[]

Zombie Scenario Season 3 Set[]



After Re:boot Dr. A's Trunks are now classified into superior, average and inferior grades.

Grade Confidential Documents Secret Map Research Tools Zombie Sample Dr A's Trunk
Inferior Lowzsbox1 Lowzsbox2 Lowzsbox3 Lowzsbox4 Lowzsbox
Average Midzsbox1 Midzsbox2 Midzsbox3 Midzsbox4 Midzsbox
Superior Highzsbox1 Highzsbox2 Highzsbox3 Highzsbox4 Highzsbox

Dr.A's Trunk's rewards were also classified into superior, average and inferior grades, new power-ups like Level Up Amplifier was also added.

Grade Bulletproof Armor HP Supplement Spare Magazine Combat Boots Attack Amplifier Weakness Analysis Device Level Up Amplifier
Inferior Lowarmorup Lowhealthup Lowmagazineup Lowspeedup Lowdamageup Lowweaknessreport Levelupamplifier
Average Midarmorup Midhealthup Midmagazineup Midspeedup Middamageup Midweaknessreport Levelupamplifier
Superior Higharmorup Highhealthup Highmagazineup Highspeedup Highdamageup Highweaknessreport Levelupamplifier


  • The old versions of Dr. A's Trunk (1, 2 and 3) were removed after the Zombie Scenario Re:boot, while the Human Scenario version still remains.
    • Later, after the Z-Noid patch, this item is totally removed.
  • Every items that the player obtains from the old version of Dr. A's Trunk before Re:boot will be converted to the medium-class types (except for Money Extractor and Secret Research Funds).

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