Room restrict limitknifeDragon Claw is a premium melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Mileage Decoder.

This weapon is used by veteran assassins to inflict a deep and vital wound to their target with its dragon claw-like sharp edges.


  • Very high damage
  • High slash rate in A mode
  • Has a claw visual effect




  • Gerard: Gerard is seen with a pair of Dragon Tails in some posters.


  • Heroine: Heroine is seen with a pair of Dragon Tails in some posters.


Dragontail draw

Draw sound

Dragontail idle

Idle sound

Dragontail hit1

Hit sound

Dragontail slash1 1

Slash sound

Dragontail stab hit

Stab hit sound

Dragontail stab1

Stab sound

Dragontail stab miss

Stab miss sound

Dragontail stab ready

Stab ready sound

Dragontail wall1

Wall impact sound

【CSO】Dragon Claw(ドラゴンクロー)能力検証

【CSO】Dragon Claw(ドラゴンクロー)能力検証

Counter Strike Online (Nexon Zombies) Dragon Claw

Counter Strike Online (Nexon Zombies) Dragon Claw


  • This is the first dual wielded melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online series.
  • It shares the same claw effect as Oberon. However, the claw effect can't be seen by other players.
  • There is a bug of Dragon Claw where if the user quickly changes to either primary or secondary weapon when wielding it in A mode, the weapon will falsely shoot a bullet. By repeating it, the user seems to have unlimited ammo. Note that no damage will occur when doing this bug.
  • The claw effect is white when it doesn't hit anything, it turns red when hitting a body.
  • A screenshake effect will occur each time the player successfully hits something while slashing, similar to the M32 MGL, but more violently.

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