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For original version, see Drakar-II.

Drakar-III is a Transcendent grade assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


A tactical rifle that uses 60 rounds of 5.56mm bullets and feels the Viking's energy. Its performance has been improved compared to the Drakar-II. The gauge is charged by hitting an enemy, and when the gauge is maxed out, the weapon level increases when reloading, and the gauge increases. If it is insufficient, the level decreases. Weapon performance changes depending on the level up to level 3, and when reloading, you can use special bullets to inflict damage to enemies within the range for a certain period of time.

  • Unused Drakar Decoder will be collectively retrieved through maintenance
  • Recovered Drakar Decoder are paid at 85 mileage per unit


  • When an enemy is hit, the gauge is charged.
  • When reloading, if the gauge is fully charged, the weapon level increases, and when the gauge is insufficient, the level decreases.
  • When reloading is complete, special ammunition is reissued.
  • Notify crosshair when hit
  • Unlimited spare magazines in scenario mode

Special function[]

  • <Tempest Slash>: Right-click to activate. Consumes a special bullet to deal continuous damage to nearby enemies for a certain period of time, then inflicts a more powerful blow at the end to knock them back and stiffen them. Movement speed increases slightly while attacking, and additional effects are applied depending on the weapon level.
  • Step 1: Basic effect
  • Step 2: Increases damage, attack range and speed, increases knockback and stiffness, Movement speed increase
  • Step 3: Damage immunity, damage amount, attack range and speed increase, knockback and stiffness increase, movement speed increase increase during Tempest Slash

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 24 August 2023.



  • Drakar is a type of Viking's longship vessel.
  • The users hand actually clips through the magzine box if looked closely.