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Drakar Coin is an item in Counter-Strike Online.


Drakar Coin is paid when using Drakar Decoder during the event period. Depending on the usage, Drakar-I and Drakar-III are guaranteed to be paid.

  • When 50 Drakar Coins are accumulated: Drakar I (Unlimited) (Paid only once account)
  • Every 300 Drakar Coins accumulated (300/600/900): Drakar-III (Unlimited)
  • For each Drakar Decoder used, 1 Drakar Coin is paid.
  • During the maintenance, all accumulated Drakar Coins will be destroyed.

Drakar Coin Payment Event[]

Condition Prizes
Upon reaching 40/60 minutes of game play time Acquire 15 mission points each (achieved once per account)
For every 6 kill points from a zombie kill or assist (all excluding bots) as a human in zombie mode. Acquire 1 mission point (up to 20 mission points per account)
In Zombie Mode, every time you achieve 6 kill points by infecting humans with zombies (excluding bots) Acquire 2 mission points (up to 20 mission points per account)
Zombie Scenario Mode: Every time you clear 1 session by achieving 100 kills on 'Hard' difficulty or higher Acquire 3 mission points (up to 24 mission points per account)
  • Maximum obtainable mission points during the event period: 50 points
  • Play time achievement missions can be performed in all modes.

How to get kill points[]

  • Kill a zombie as a human: 3 points (no bots)
  • Zombie kill assist as human: 1 point (no bots)
  • Human infestation with zombies: 3 points (no bots)
  • Assist in infecting humans with zombies: no points

Cumulative rewards[]

  • When 50 mission points are accumulated: 45 Drakar Coins
  • Cumulative rewards are paid only once per account.
  • Participation is possible only in rooms with a minimum of 3 people. (Excluding Studio Mode)
  • Target Zombie Mode: Zombie Classic/Zombie Mutant/Zombie Hero/Zombie Z/Zombie Rise
  • Zombie Scenario Mode: Double Gate/Lost City/Survival: Trap/Survival: Underground Waterway/Tracking: Chaos. These 5 maps are excluded from the event.
  • A minimum of 5 minutes of play time is required to complete the Zombie Scenario Mode mission.
  • Regardless of the mode, kills caused by automatic hunting are not included in the event.
  • Play time achievement missions can be completed in all modes.
  • During the maintenance, all accumulated Drakar Coins and Mission Points will be lost.

Drakar Upgrade Event[]

Depending on the amount of Drakar I (unlimited) collected during the event period, Drakar-II/Drakar-III (Unlimited) is upgraded and paid.

  • Drakar-II (Unlimited): When collecting 3 Drakar-I (Unlimited)
  • Drakar-III (Unlimited): When collecting 7 Drakar-I (Unlimited)

Drakar decoder replacement event[]

  • 1 [Drakar Decoder] will be replaced for each transcendence decoder during the event period.
  • How to replace: [Manufacture]-[Item Disassembly] tab, when disassembling transcendence decoder, 1 per [Drakar decoder] will be replaced and paid.