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Draugr is a zombie class exclusive to Zombie 5: Rise in Counter-Strike Online.


The ultimate karate change, the appearance of a breaker!

Draugr is a powerful mutant zombie class that uses a sword. It has a very long attack range, but slow attack speed. Hold right-click to charge up to 3 stages. Range and damage increase according to the charge stage.


Icon Name Description
Zombieskill protect Deflect Use a sword to block an attack, avoiding damage. If you reuse the skill while doing so, you can stop using it. The gauge is gradually consumed while using the skill, and the gauge gradually recovers when the skill is not used.
Zombieskill chargeslash Dimension Slash Focuses on and teleports forward, causing damage to all humans in the path and pulls them near his range, cannot be done if theres a blocking object or wall in front.



  • Old Norse draugr is defined as "a ghost, spirit, exp. the dead inhabitant of a cairn". Often the draugr is regarded not so much as a ghost but a revenant, i.e., the reanimated of the deceased inside the burial mound (as in the example of Kárr inn gamli in Grettis saga).