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EpicDread Nova is an Epic grade Melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Epic Decoder or Epic Piece Guranteed giveaway event.

A weapon used by Overseer High Inquisitor. Its astrological power used to defend the balance of the universe.

Special function[]

  • <Nova Cannon>: Pressing RMB can charge up a powerful attack.
  • <Summon Astral Lord>: When the lower gauge is 100, user can unleash the Astral Lord by entering LMB > RMB > RMB > LMB.
  • Summon function does not work in non-zombie modes.


  • High damage
  • High stun, Impose "Slowed" negative buff on its victim with each of its slash attack
  • Can easily perform ranged attacks
  • Instant draw which can lead to combination attacks
  • Completely invulnerable when activating the skill
  • High mobility
  • Special mode is able to charge without the weapon being drawn


  • Very rare
  • Once enabled the special mode will be drained regardless if used
  • When not using summon, it can still be outclassed by Blade Runebreaker and Dual Sword Phantom Slayer
  • The summon function cannot be used in Human modes

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 11 July 2019.
  • China: 17 July 2019.
  • TW/HK: 18 July 2019.
  • CSN:S: 7 August 2019.


  • When going into tight or darkened areas always activate the Astral Lord summon with the melee's combo special, reason being it makes you temporarily immune (even more than Holy Sword Divine Order) and is able to continually deal damage to your surrounding making it more likely to detect enemies and less risky.
  • Much like Warhammer Storm Giant, the secondary is a quick-draw which allows for successful combination attacks, it also works like Dual Sword Phantom Slayer emotion quick switch trick.
  • Also like Warhammer the secondary attack on this melee (the assemble thrust) could either knock an enemy back or into mid-air, do not panic because another thrust is definitely going to knock them back but just be careful of the range and if the zombies really knocked away or not.
  • The Nova Cannon is like a combination of both Gae Bolg and Runebreaker, you charge the attack then you send a projectile that knocks enemies back while also exploding causing a stun.
  • In human modes, when using the ranged attack, because of its explosion radius, never try to directly hit a target because they're most likely smart enough to dodge it, but instead aim for the floor, this stuns the enemy and drains at least 50% of their HP, a successful hit thereafter is what you should be going for. This tactics works really well on DSPS and Runebreaker users and if done right, will make you incredibly difficult to kill unless the opposition has either Holy Sword Divine Order or a Dread Nova of their own.




  • This is the second weapon with summoning ability after Red Dragon Cannon
  • Its charging sound can be heard even in third person
  • Upon left click, the weapon will held in dual blade, upon right click, the weapon will be held in a single combined blade