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For single version, see Infinity.

Room restrict limitpistolDual Infinity is a Common grade pistols in Counter-Strike Online.


Limited This item is no longer obtainable. Dual Infinity is a pair of dual-wielded pistols capable of firing in semi-automatic or in fully automatic mode. While firing in semi-automatic mode, the accuracy and damage of the pistols will noticeably be higher but its rate of fire is lowered. Alternately, if fired in fully automatic mode, the pistols will pop off rapid rounds at the sacrifice of damage.


If compared to its original version:

  • Higher magazine size
  • Higher rate of fire
  • Able to stun zombies
  • Has rapid fire ability
  • Does not affect speed
  • Suitable to escape from zombies
  • Does not easily run dry


  • Higher in-game purchase cost
  • Does lower damage
  • Lower accuracy
  • Higher recoil
  • Longer reload time
  • Not accurate in rapid mode except in close area

Release date[]

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 22 September 2009
  • China: 23 September 2009
  • South Korea: 24 September 2009
  • Japan: 4 March 2010
  • Indonesia: 21 September 2011
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 4 October 2011
  • Turkey: 10 July 2013
  • CSN:Z: 27 November 2014
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015



  • Asia Red Army: Seen using Dual Infinity Final against zombies in Manhwa.
  • Erika: Seen using Dual Infinity Final (the red one) in Concept art.

Tactics using Dual Infinity[]

  • Use fully automatic firing mode for close combat.
  • Use semi-automatic mode for long range battle.
  • Players can use Dual Infinity with Deadly Shot to finish zombies in the least amount of time.
  • Dual Infinity works the best if paired with machine guns with long reload time.
  • The first two shots of Dual Infinity are very accurate. Fire it in 2 or 3-round burst to maintain the accuracy.
  • If the target is at close range, aim for full rapid mode.


Infinityex1 gfx

An upgraded version of the original Dual Infinity. It can hold up to 40 rounds, 20 rounds per clip on one pistol. Damage has been slightly increased but the accuracy has been slightly decreased.

Infinityex2 gfx

Final version of the original Dual Infinity and the upgraded version of Dual Infinity Custom. It can hold up to 40 rounds, 20 rounds per clip for one pistol. It does more damage and has higher rate of fire for semi-automatic mode. However, its accuracy slightly decreases and its recoil for fully automatic mode slightly increases.

Dualinfinityfinal lacepattern

Painted version of Dual Infinity Final with Lace Pattern paint. It is sold directly in shop in both separated and painted forms.


Mode Buy cost Ammo cost (1 clip) Ammo cost (full) Total
Original $1500 $25 $225 $1725
Scenario $1500 $25 $1250 $2750
Range 0m 36m
Head Helmet No Helmet No
Semi-auto 54 108 28 56
Rapid-fire 50 100 26 52


  • Higher magazine size 
  • Higher rate of fire
  • Higher accuracy
  • Shorter reloading time
  • Usable in all modes
  • Purchasable
  • Effective against zombies
  • Lower damage
  • Lower knockback
  • Lower rate of fire when firing with A mode (Left-click)


The comparison is based on original Dual Infinity, semi-automatic mode.

  • Higher rate of fire
  • Shorter reload time
  • Available for all teams
  • Higher magazine size (+10) (Custom and Final)
  • Same recoil
  • Same weight
  • Lower damage
  • Less accurate
  • Higher price (+$700)
  • Only purchasable via Cash





Rapid Fire mode (example)


  • There are two scorpions tattoos engraved on each of the pistols slide.
  • This weapon is the second dual wielded pistol (the first is Dual Elites).
  • There is a trick with this weapon where you can shoot a secondary mode with 100% accuracy, by replacing the secondary mode (Default: RMB) with Scroll up and down and then, you can scroll up and down continuously and the results are visible. This trick can also be done with the primary shot in the same way.
  • Due to the design of the Dual Infinity's first form and its ability to be fired gunslinger-style, some players have gone far to call their weapon "Ebony & Ivory", referring to one of the weapons wielded by Dante, the main protagonist of Devil May Cry.
  • Oddly in the view model, a bullet texture can be seen in one of the pistols referring that the chamber is not correctly drawn while the other one is correct. Also, while reloading a new magazine, a bullet can be seen clearly in 3D shape model.
  • If the user has one bullet left and was fired in A mode, the left gun slide is shown in dryfire state. However, it is opposite when fired in B mode.

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