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For the original version, see HK MP7A1.

The Dual MP7A1 is a dual-wielded submachine gun exclusive Zombie: The Hero. It can be obtained randomly by players if they are selected as a Sidekick and is not purchasable. However, players still can obtain it randomly for 1 usage if they kill 1000 zombies in newly released Zombie Scenario maps for each region.


The Dual MP7A1 is a good weapon for hunting zombies. It has light weight and a high rate of fire, but with weak penetration power.


  • High accuracy
  • Very high rate of fire
  • Doesn't affect player speed
  • Low recoil


  • Low damage
  • Can be obtained by Sidekick or events only
  • Easily runs dry
  • Wild recoil upon continuous firing


South Korea[]

The player can obtain this weapon for 1 usage in the next game upon completion of 1000 kills in every newly-released Zombie Scenario maps. It will be a spawn weapon, replacing the K3. After the next game is completed, it will expire.

This event was held for only a limited amount of time, when a new Zombie Scenario map is released.

Tactics using Dual MP7A1[]

  • Aim for head for the highest damage.
  • Approach a zombie as close as possible to give the maximum damage but do not get too close especially when facing Heavy Zombies.
  • This weapon is accurate even if you are moving.
  • To get full accuracy and damage, use it in ducts.
  • 80 rounds of Dual MP7A1 can deal 2000 ~ 8000 damage depending on where it hits.

Tactics facing Dual MP7A1 users[]

  • Jump to lessen the damage done.
  • Use Heavy Zombie to approach.
  • When approaching a human but still cannot infect him/her, do a sudden crouch to avoid being hit.



  • Sidekick


Firing sound

Reload sound

Draw sound


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