For stronger version, see Dual Sword Phantom Slayer.

BuffminorDual Sword Hellfire is a unique grade melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online


Two swords to defeat the demons of hell. If special combination is fulfilled, Sword Feast unfolds.


  • Easier to obtain than the Dual Sword Phantom Slayer
  • Inherits most of DSPS characteristics
  • Still deadly in melee battles
  • Lighter than regular melee


  • Lower damage
  • Shorter Sword Feast time
  • Obtainable during events only


  • It is the lesser version of Dual Sword Phantom Slayer. It does 20% lower damage and has shorter Sword Feast time. However, the user can nonetheless treat it like a normal DSPS, despite its shortcomings.

Release date

  • South Korea: 10 January 2019.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 15 January 2019.
  • China: 16 January 2019.
  • Indonesia: 16 January 2019.
  • CSN:Z: 30 January 2019.



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