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Duration Extender is an item in Counter-Strike Online.


The duration extender increases the duration of the weapons you owned, with some exceptions: certain Code Box weapons, Red firearms, Camouflage edition weapons and event-exclusive weapons depending on the region. One unit allows the extension of the deadline by one day. The amounts can be stacked, allowing time-restricted weapons to be granted permanent statuses upon achieving 1000 days duration in total.

It is obtainable from Code Box with a moderately high chance, as well as being obtainable by disassembling weapons in the Craft menu. Disassembling a permanent weapon will guarantee a total of 100 Duration Extenders.

With the removal of Craft and Mileage Decoder, Duration Extenders replace weapon recipes and duration materials, hence they can be found in Loot Box drops, Battlefield Supply rewards, Daily Mission and Weekly Mission rewards in varying quantities.



  • Not all regions allow extension on some weapons. For example, you can extend the duration of an Eruptor in CSO Korea, but you cannot do the same in Nexon Zombies. This is due the fact that some weapons are only obtainable from decoders which is locked from being extended.
  • This item cannot extend the duration of characters or other items.
  • It is the only prevalent item in the Mileage Decoders.