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Epic.png The Epic Series is a weapon series in Counter-Strike Online. This series contains weapons that are all in the Epic grade.


These weapons are overwhelmingly powerful, easily outclassing most other weapons in their category. They feature hitmarkers in all gamemodes and have a myriad of special features and alternate fire modes that provide their users with a variety of options for dealing with certain situations.

Obtaining Procedures

Unlike other weapons, the weapons from this series are only obtainable in the Epic Decoder and/or from completing the Epic Fragment, Divine Fragment or Dark Shard events.

For new Epic Weapons releases, the only ways to obtain are:

For resales of previous Epic weapons and their modified variants, the ways to obtain are:

  • Epic Decoder
  • Epic weapon Guaranteed Giveaway (by decoding 300 Epic decoders)
  • Key (CSO China only, for Gungnir and Dark Star)
  • New epic fragment events and their respective shops:



Main article: Gungnir

Created with the super-technology of the Overseers, the material used to forge this weapon was found in a meteorite found deep underneath the ocean. It stores and releases powerful waves of energy. It features an energy ball attack and the ability to transform into a thrown trident to unleash the powerful Ruin Strike.

Dread Nova

Main article: Dread Nova

The weapon of choice for Overseer Executors, and a symbol of their absolute authority. This weapon contains the power required to defend the balance of the universe, and this power can be summoned in the form of an astral Executor to defend you and attack your enemies.

Heaven Splitter

Heaven scorcher.png
Main article: Heaven Splitter

A weapon imbued with the powerful energy of ancient Chinese fire dragons. This weapon's bullets have pinpoint accuracy no matter the situation and detonate on hit, inflicting substantial damage. If any enemies are nearby the target, they will take damage too. It can lay mines that can be used for powerful damage and stun, as a potent mobility option, or as powerful remote bombs that ramp up its already-exceptional damage to new heights.

Void Avenger

Main article: Void Avenger

A special weapon developed by the Overseers utilizing advanced technology that can manipulate dark energy, this weapon can detect and capture enemies and fire black holes with the ability to suck up anything.

Dark Star

Main article: Dark Star

A modified version of the Gungnir. It has been upgraded for increased destructive force, but at the cost of increased power consumption. Deals lightning damage to nearby enemies and has an energy-based fire mode for ranged battles.

Divine Blaster

Main article: Divine Blaster

A weapon of the heavens, made with unknown technology. Allows the wielder to fire 50 scatter-shot rounds, summon Purifying Wings to burn enemies who approach, and draw energy from the wings to blast foes with Purifying Light.

Blaze Nova

Main article: Blaze Nova

A weapon summoned by Overseer Executioner with the power of Blaze Lord, to protect the balance of the universe.

Twin Shadow Axes

Main article: Twin Shadow Axes

It is a powerful double axe with the strength and will of the warlord who commanded the battlefield. Combination attack, which attacks by combining double axes, and special weapons that summon armed forces, Black Spirit Jingeuk and Black Spirit Wargeek, can be used.

Quantum Horizon

Quantum horizon.png
Main article: Quantum Horizon

The sealed super-tech is opened and weaponized with quantum technology. You can use [Quantum Disruptor], which induces a large number of enemies with a basic attack that generates a quantum explosion, and [Quantum Dive], which teleports to an arbitrary location in a moment of crisis.


  • This series replaced the Lunar New Year weapons.
  • Dark Star is the only Epic weapon which hasn't been released in South Korea.
  • Originally Epic Fragment was held during new Epic weapon releases, but it got replaced by Divine Fragment with the release of Divine Blaster.
  • Apperently, all the new Epic Weapons with a new unique design will have a new special sell event, like Divine Blaster with the Divine Fragment and Twin Shadow Axes with Dark Shard.