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Game Axis Survey award 2011 was a reward in Counter-Strike Online exclusive to Singapore/Malaysia version available from April 4 ~ 18, 2012.


This reward is given to the players as a sign of thankful to the players due to their support on Counter-Strike Online which makes Counter-Strike Online as the number 1 first person shooter online game in Malaysia, defeating Black Shot and Sudden Attack.

There are two phases:

Phase 1[]

Snapshot 20120405 1300540

10 days rewards phase 1

Available by logging in from April 4 ~ 11, 2012. These rewards last 10 days:

Phase 2[]

Qbz95b 707 hellfire

Phase 2 challenge

Play at least 10 hours from April 25 ~ May 9, 2012 to receive QBZ-95B permanently.