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Event Decoder is an event-based item in Counter-Strike Online.


A device capable of decrypting unbreakable passwords. Through this decoder, you can obtain Transcendent Weapons, Transcendence Classes, Unique Weapons, Zombie Skins, Costumes, etc. at a probability.

  • If it is not used on the day of acquisition as an event decoder, it will be deleted the next day.
  • Content is synced with Transcendence Decoder, Unique Decoder, Rare Decoder (Rare grade weapons unavaiable in South Korea Event Decoder) and Class Decoder, although there are additional content as well, mainly removed content from main decoders.
  • Limited sale and Rotation group items are unavailable on this decoder
  • All items in Unique grade or below are guaranteed to be permanent duration, Transcendent grade can be duration or permanent except for Black Dragon Cannon, Blood Dripper, Crossbow and Crossbow Advance which are only available in permanent duration
  • Doesn't reward Mileage when used


16 December 2021
  • Removed Rare grade weapons from Event Decoder (South Korea only) 2 December 2021
4 November 2021
20 May 2021
10 Dec 2020
  • Firstly introduced

Available items[]