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Evita is a Transcendent grade Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


The popular and charming cheerleader known as Evita has a secret: she's actually a special agent for the government! Directed to find and locate the super soldier Angelina, one of Douglas Jacob's pet projects, Evita went deep undercover as a cheerleader for one of Angelina's favorite sports teams in order to meet her, all to no avail. However, one day Evita gets lucky and runs into Angelina while being chased by agents of Kronos and is finally able to make contact.


Hello! Are you a journalist? Did you come out to promote our team? Hmm? You said I was interviewed? No matter how charming and popular I am. Our entire team is shining brightly (Praising her makes the population dry and tongue dry.)

Hello everyone! I am Evita, the most popular cheerleader in this team. Because my personality is full of vitality, I personally speak it out, although its shy to do so. Enjoying the highest popularity. Ah, but please don't be startled just because you see me like this. There are actually even more astonishing facts. Curious? If you can keep it confidential, I will tell you!

I am actually a government agent who is sent to go after a woman named Angelina who is sent by Douglas Jacob. The main purpose is to monitor. After learning that she enjoys watching sports games, In order to deliberately become closer to her, I signed up to become the cheerleader of a team that often cheers for me. Intentionally increasing contact with her, thanks to my positive and outgoing personality, it's easy to get along with such picky Angelina. If it weren't for me, I don't know who else can do it. Ah-That's it I feel very happy to see you. Acting has been very difficult during this period, and Angelina is doing the same today. I seem to know the content for the first time, should I ask?

Eh, is it okay to say it all like this? Of course not, but why say it? What, I have to start arguing to please you after I found out you were from Kronos. Come on! Can you accept the support now? Arms? Legs? Belly? Oh, where are you going? Do you think you can escape my cheers?

Angelina, after him!


  • Transcendent Class CT
  • Exclusive voice line class.
  • If you play as this character, a 10% bonus to experience and 10% to points (20% in PC rooms) is applied.
  • This character has a higher maximum level than the regular class in zombie scenario mode. (+10 level cap in Zombie Scenario mode)
  • Marks a zombie when that zombie health is less than 20% in Zombie Mode
  • 1 initial mutation point added in Zombie Z mode
  • Displays movement speed in the bottom of the screen
  • When killing an enemy, a unique mark is displayed at the target location

Pairing Weapon[]

link-Tyrant Mace
Tyrant Mace
  • Increased damage for both attacks
  • Decreased charging percentage when hitting enemies
  • Decreased charging time for Glacial Impact

Zombie Scenario Skill[]

Buffclassskill 24s2ct bg
  • When playing Zombie Scenario with a player using Angelina, movement speed is slightly increased, damage received is slightly reduced (Connection effect, does not stack with other connection effects).
  • Applies [Shadow Blade] add-on effect by default (Can be stacked and effect increases)
  • Increased attack power against Elite and Boss monsters
  • Grants Sprint effect and a barrier on self and nearby allies. If the barrier is broken during skill activation, you'll become invincible for a set amount of time and your movement speed increases.

Zombie Scenario stats[]


Corresponding Items[]

Lightstick Y24s2ctcospet Evita's Lightstick used for her cheerleading activity, can be used as a pet
SD Evita Spray Y24s2ctspray You can use SD Evita Spray in the game.

Corresponding Medal[]

Y24s2classhonor This medal can be achieved by obtaining Evita, Angelina, Lightstick costume, Spotlight costume (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements 24s2ct24s2t Y24s2ctcospetY24s2tcospet



  • Despite the concept art showing her with a free haired ponytail, her ponytail in-game is tangled instead. It may be caused by engine limitations.