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Expedition Expedition or Exploration is a feature in Counter-Strike Online.


Even if I'm not connected, my class takes care of it!
— Description
To start the game
  • Explore by selecting three classes in the expedition area.
  • The probability of success depends on the search level of the search area and the search level of the class.
  • Easy 2 hours, Normal 4 hours, Hard 8 hours, after the end of time to explore the basic compensation and additional compensation will be paid according to the success.
  • If the reward is not acquired until 24 hours have passed since the search was completed, the reward is reset.
Explore slots
  • Basic Slot 1 unit + Expansion Slots 2 units. Slot open expansion slot right item.
  • Expedition settings: The expedition area of difficulty and three sets of classes.
  • Holds class: After the discovery is complete state of relaxation classes can not be added using the day.
  • Depending on the difficulty of the search, there is a minimum probability to start searching. For example, Normal difficulty, the minimum chance of success is 15% or more.
  • The search area is automatically updated at midnight.
  • Basic Compensation: The compensation is given when you complete a search, regardless of success or failure (resulting lower display)
  • The main reward: When the search is successful, the compensation received further. (Shown at the top of the result)
  • Obtain the main reward you want by referring to the list of probability increase by day.
  • The probability of main reward is determined based on the starting point.
Explore to enhance the level
  • Can enhance the class-level expedition.
  • Materials are unrestricted, you can use both fixed-term and, class, costume, can be used as well as spray.
  • The amount of experience is different for each item's grade or category.
  • For items used as materials, additional compensation is given for disassembly.
  • The class being explored can be used in the game. (The search system does not affect other systems or in-games)
  • The search slot expansion ticket can be used for an extended period of time. (Hovering the mouse cursor over the expanded slot displays the expected expiration date of the slot)

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 2 April 2020.
  • CSN:S: 16 April 2020.


18 November 2021[]

Reorganization of search system rewards
  • Change the probability of starting the search by difficulty. The difficulty level will be lower than before so that you can turn the difficulty level to easy even with the base class level 1.
  • Change and add basic rewards and success rewards
    • Scenario add-ons and parts are provided as basic rewards regardless of success/failure.
    • In the case of decipher-related components (weapon/class) in the success reward, the function has been changed so that unlimited items come out with a low probability.
  • Search success rate up (+10%p) item added
    • +10%p is added regardless of the applied difficulty.
    • The item can be purchased with points in the shop, and when you click the “Search” button in the search system, if you have a probability-up item, a pop-up asking if you want to use it is provided.
  • Search cumulative progress event open
    • Points are paid when receiving search rewards

Support items[]

Slot Expansion
Exploration slot expansion

An extended item that opens the expedition system's search slots. You can select and use an empty slot in the search system. Available in 7/14/30 days.

Success Rate-Up +10%
Expedition buff prob up 1

An item that increases the success rate of Expedition by 10%. If you own this item and press the Explore button, you will proceed with Expedition after deciding whether to use the item or not.

Success Rate-Up +20%
Expedition buff prob up 2

An item that increases the success rate of Expedition by 20%. If you own this item and press the Explore button, you will proceed with Expedition after deciding whether to use the item or not.

Level Enhancement Coupon
Expedition exp100

One item adds 100 experience points to the available experience coupons when enhancing the search level. If you press the [Use] button, you will be taken to the search page and you can add items to materials and use them yourself.