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For inferior version, see Compound Bow.

Failnaught or Huntbow is a Transcendent grade assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Transcendence Decoder.

Failnaught, which fires 250 holy arrows, automatically aims enemies within a certain range of the crosshairs when using the default firing mode. (Does not auto-aim if beyond the range.) Hitting the same enemy with the default firing mode stacks a mark, inflicting additional damage each time it stacks. Upon reaching 5 stacks, damage is transferred to nearby enemies and the stacks are reset. While charging up, the Hunter's Eye activates, allowing you to learn the location of enemies within a certain distance and attack through obstacles.


  • Crosshair notification when hitting is successful
  • Unlimited reserve magazines in scenario mode
  • Hunter's Eye: When you right-click the mouse to charge, the hunter's eye is activated and you can determine the location of the enemy within a certain distance. A charging shot fired by right-clicking the mouse passes through the hit enemy. If it hits a zombie while casting a skill, the target's feet are tied up. The charging shot pierces the opponent and obstacles a certain number of times, pierces the hit target, deals Normal 33, Zombie 1350, and Scenario 2050 damage, as well as a slight knockback and then passes through. Explosive damage occurs when penetrating obstacles.
  • The hunter's eye range is different for each mode and does not activate in certain modes.

Comparison to Compound Bow

Compound Bow.png


  • Higher damage to zombies (+146/+765) and scenario in A mode (+463)
  • Higher Rate of Fire in A mode (+4%)
  • Higher Knockback power (+7%)
  • Larger magazine size (+100)
  • Has hitmarkers
  • Has unlimited ammo in Scenario
  • Has explosive ammo
  • Has special features


  • Same weight
  • Same Accuaricy
  • Both are hard to obtain


  • Lower damage in Normal mode (-38/-94)
  • Lower damage to Zombies and Scenario (vs +6/Joseon variant)
  • Lower damage in Scenario in B mode (-203)
  • Lower Stun power (-10%)
  • More Expensive (+$300)
  • Longer time to charge B mode
  • Higher Zombie Z level (+36)
  • Can't be enhanced

Release date

  • South Korea: 16 September 2021.
  • China: 29 September 2021.
  • CSN:S: 6 October 2021.


Primary shot

Secondary shot

Explosion shot


  • Failnaught name is probably inspired from Fire Emblem.
  • During it's initial release, Failnaught had a magazine size of 150 arrows and Hunter's instinct range was only 20m. 09/30/2021 update in CSO Korea increased the magazine size to 250 arrows and the Hunter's instinct range from 20 to 35m, along with B mode damage increase in zombie modes.