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Icon clanFamily is an updated system for Clan in Counter-Strike Online.


Family system depicts more functions than the previous Clan system. In this system, family members can:

Share items[]

One family member can share items with other family members, the items that can be shared are weapons and characters. The member can only share an item if he/she has a duration item and a permanent one. Thus, the duration one can be shared.

For example, player A bought a BALROG-VII for permanent. Then player A opened a B-Box and got BALROG-VII for 7 days, the 7-days BALROG-VII can be shared to other family members.

To share items, simply click the storage button, on the family menu and then click << button to proceed. To take item in storage box, click >> button.

Record family history[]

Family members can see their family histories, such as created date, mission, and storage.

Collect family score[]

Family members can accomplish given mission to earn points for their family and good items.

After a month you will earn a lots of exp and game points from the family.

Manage family members[]

Family members can organize their family membership such as choosing leader for their family.

Family Favorite Mode[]

The favorite mode is chosen based on which mode the members played the most. There are 5 kinds of favorite mode:

Favoritemode 0 Favoritemode 1
Original Death Matches
Favoritemode 2 Favoritemode 3
Zombie PvP Zombie PvE
Favoritemode 4

Family Achievement[]

See Family Achievement article for details.

Honor missions[]

2500 Kills in family battle

Gentleman, do you know how we name a person who shine at the most vital moment?! We call him the number one gunner. Don't forget how lucky and honorable we are to be in the same battle field with him. We can rest assure that he will be looking after our back with his god-given skills! Only apply for Original and Team Deathmatch.

Joins family battle for 100 times

Gentleman, do you know that avoiding battle just because you hate to lose in battle field is wrong? To be a real veteran, you should continue to challenge yourself and overcome all the pains from defeats. It is because failure is also an important learning to become a winner.

Zombie Busters
Play Zombie Mode with family members for 350 hours

Gentleman, I've received news that some family are against the ideal of fighting with zombies, as they are difficult to kill. Do not follow them and instead, join a family and learn the special battle skills and strategy to fight the zombie! A word of advice, do not believe anyone even your friend, when you deal with zombie. Requires above 4 same family members to play the game.

Scenario Expedition
Play Scenario Mode with family members for 350 hours

Gentleman, we've just received an order for a very important mission. This mission is related with Dr. Rex and his Nightmare plans... Gather your family members right now and complete the given mission. It will be a long journey. Good luck to you! Requires above 4 same family members to play the game. Easy stage is not included.

Elite Family Member
Elite Family Member

A medal given to family members who were part of the elite family. (Top 10 Family)

Ranking Reboot Medals
A medal given to a player who belongs to the commander in the original league A medal given to a player who belongs to the commander in the zombie league A medal given to a player who belongs to the commander in the zombie PVE league A medal given to a player who belongs to the commander in the death match league
Original League Commander Zombie League Commander Zombie PvE League Commander Deathmatch League Commander


18 November 2021
  • Improved Family Achievements
    • Family Reward Reorganization: The reward has been adjusted to fit the current time.
    • Family achievements added: 9 new achievements will be added as new modes and new scenarios are added.
    • Convenience improvement: A total score is provided so that you can view achievements that can no longer be progressed, or you can view the overall progress.
  • Family Warehouse Improvements
    • When registering a reinforcement/parts weapon, the function is changed so that the part that was registered without reinforcement/parts information can be used including reinforcement and parts information.
    • The weapon enhancement information and parts information exposure method (outline, tooltip, etc.) of the weapon in the warehouse is changed so that it appears the same as the personal inventory.
  • Other matters
    • The last week's access rate information has been added to the family search list or main page.
    • The information changes in real time, and if you log in for at least one day in the last 7 days, it will be counted as attendance.
    • This information can also be checked in the family search, so it is provided as information to determine how many people out of the total number of people in each family are actually active during the week.
    • If inappropriate behavior is confirmed in some game environments related to Family Warehouse, there may be level or number restrictions on item registration/use.
    • One of the family marks was judged to be an inappropriate expression and was changed to a different image.


After Re:boot[]