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Clan system renewal

Clan is a system introduced in Counter-Strike Online 2.


Similar to Counter-Strike Online, Counter-Strike Online 2 introduced its own version of Clan system that allows players to create clans to coop with each others. However, it provides new features and functions.

Clan Grade

Clan grade rating system depends on Clan experience. The more bonus experience when completing the games, the higher rating points you can achieve.

Clan Experience

The clan members will get experience for their attendances. It also adjusts the amount of experience points you can get through the clan.

Clan Points

The clan members will receive points every time they attend. You can donate your points to the clan (note that you can only donate up to 1000 points per day). Clan points can be used in a variety of clan functions that will be updated in the future.

Clan Member Ranking

Every weeks, Top Clan members will be shown. The rating is based on the total clan experience and total donation points.

Clan Information Improvement

This is a feature that shows age of clan members, recruiting time, gender... Depending on the information, you can decide to change clan settings (limited level, clan name,...).

Line Bulletin

Clan Line Bulletin Board is added. The highlight posts can be selected easier. The maximum most recent articles can be shown up 50 posts.

Clan Missions

There are 3 kinds of Missions which must be proceed following the order: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Clan master can consume Clan point to change the current mission, or purchase a mission to the next level.

When completing a mission, clan members will recieve Clan EXP and a random reward through the Clan Box which contains various items, by pressing the Recieve Reward button.