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Female Researcher
Kana フィメール リサーチャー
Romaji Fimēru Risāchā
Aliases Researcher
Gender Female
Faction Human
Status DEAD

Female Researcher or simply Researcher is a manhwa character in Zombie Escape manga.


The female researcher is a young female off average height. She has brownish hair and gem-like aqua eyes. She generally wears her standard researcher outfit, with blood on it, believing she had been attacked or blood was splashed onto her. She can be seen holding onto a document tightly and might have been a very important document, holding the information of the virus incident.


The Female Researcher was a survivor of the Rex Virus Incident, where researchers turned into zombies and eventually causing them to infect the others. The whole institute was filled with zombies. She encountered David; after getting her hair pulled by a zombie, he saved her. She followed David throughout the story and was eventually shot in the knee by the same person.

She held onto an important confidential document, but was later turned into a Sting Finger. She is said to be Choi Ji Yoon's sister.



  • When she became A Sting Finger she changed clothes from her white scientist clothes to a dark blue clothes with stocking (Similar to Choi Ji Yoon).