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Fey is a Transcendent grade Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online


A girl who escaped from Douglas' biological laboratory, she has some of the abilities of a zombie after several experiments and broke loose. Tracking teams from the laboratory are continuously dispatched to contain the girl, who is the only successful result of the experiment, but everyone fell before her because she uses zombie abilities. The more she use her abilities, the more her ego is being eroded by the darkness, but the desire to someday live a normal life like her peers is driving away the darkness again. In order not to forget her desire for revenge against Douglas, she wears a necklace with the 十五 symbol, which represents the fifteenth test subject.


Buffclassskill 23s5tr bg
  • Transcendent Class TR
  • Exclusive voice line class.
  • Zombie scenario skill: Awakening
  • Passive: Applies <Steel Physique> add-on effect by default (can be stacked and effect increases).
  • Increase damage dealt to Elite and Boss monsters.
  • Active: Attack power increases for a certain period of time, health is recovered at certain intervals, and when a certain amount of damage is received, the damage is returned to zombies within a certain radius.
  • When playing with this character, a 10% experience/point bonus is applied. (20% experience/point bonus applied in PC rooms)
  • Max level cap +10 in Zombie Scenario.
  • Adds 1 initial mutation point in Zombie Z
  • Displays your current damage at the bottom of the screen.
  • Upon killing an enemy, she leaves a unique mark at the target location.
  • Marks zombies that is below 20% HP in Zombie Mode.

Pairing Weapon[]



  • Reduce required number of shots to acquire special bullets.

Corresponding Medal[]

Most Wanted Girl
1713273872464 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Fey, Electron-III, Chibi stand and laughing Fey spray, Chibi sit and laughing Fey spray (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements 694004922480124648869400492248012464866940049224801246487 Lightningsmg

Corresponding Items[]

Corresponding Items
Weaponpaintchn15th (1) Fey Paint
Sgmissilepaintchn15th (1) Magnum Launcher Fey
6940049224801246484 Fey's Nameplate
6940049224801246486 Chibi stand and laughing Fey spray
6940049224801246487 Chibi sit and laughing Fey spray

Zombie Scenario stats[]




  • This class was released in China region first due to being a 15th anniversary exclusive, named 十五(Shíwǔ).
    • Her name is also gimmicked 15th anniversary in China region.
  • This class has secret voicelines when infected into a Zombie.