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Fightyard.pngFight Yard is a fun mode in Counter-Strike Online.


The players are divided into Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist and must eliminate the opposing force with the weapons available on the ground.


Kill all opponents.


  • As round started, the weapons are spawned on the ground.
  • Buy zone lies in a particular location, depending on the map.

Compatible maps

Fy iceworld cso.png
Ice World
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Title Description Task
A medal given to the person who can deal with any weapons in battles.
[Weapon Master]
Gentlemen, practice shooting with gun again? I think that nowadays innocent mercenaries immersed in dealing with their guns well. Can you cope with the situation that you must use the supplied firearms in the area of operations only? The S-class mercenaries in my mind should be able to perform any gun battle. Available only in Fight Yard mode. Kill 200 enemies with each type of weapons available in Fight Yard mode.



  • Fight Yard and the map prefix "fy_" is originally a custom game mode made by the Counter-Strike community.

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