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Fighting is an event in Counter-Strike Online.


Press the Initiate Combat to continue the fight. The stamina is automatically restored by 50 for every 10 minutes. Grow your ability to facilitate the battle.


Default Stats Task Reward
Thumbnail l gerrard
HP 500 Human Attack Power 100 Armor 1
Log in daily HP +150
Complete Daily Mission (5 maximum) Human Attack Power +10 (each mission completed)
Complete Special Mission Armor +2
Clear Zombie Scenario Critical Strike +2
Headshot a zombie in
Zombie Hero
Able to evade zombie's attack by chance


HP 500 Zombie Attack Power 150 Armor 1 Thumbnail l normalzb
1. Hungry Regular Zombie
HP 700 Zombie Attack Power 190 Armor 5 Thumbnail l speedzb
2. Nimble Light Zombie
HP 1200 Zombie Attack Power 250 Armor 60 Thumbnail l heavyzb
3. Solid Heavy Zombie
HP 2500 Zombie Attack Power 290 Armor 30 Thumbnail l deimos
4. Hunting Deimos
HP 3500 Zombie Attack Power 320 Armor 20 Thumbnail l nshex
5. Infinite Spawning Zombies
HP 5000 Zombie Attack Power 370 Armor 15 Thumbnail l normalzbex
6. Chasing Herd of Zombies
HP 7000 Zombie Attack Power ??? Armor ?? Thumbnail l speedzbex
7. Deadly Crowd of Zombies
Thumbnail l heavyzbex
8. Steel Bunch of Zombies
HP 12000 Zombie Attack Power 500 Armor 30 Thumbnail l deimosex
9. Horror Bunch of Zombies
Thumbnail l phobos
10. Tyrant Phobos


  • Fight the zombies as long as you have high HP. Beware of zombies that can do critical damage.
  • Don't be reckless, otherwise dying will result in restarting all over.
  • After an amount of HP recovery, you need to wait for a period of 1 hour and 30 minutes before your HP can be recovered again.
  • Deimos is likely to do critical strikes most of the time. Make sure to spare your HP more than 500 as the critical strike may kill you in an instant.



  • Based on the files, this event is named as "RPG Fighting", indicates that it is based on RPG style (Role-Playing Game) and Turn-Based Game.
  • The rewards for defeating each zombies are Duration Extenders.
  • This event is not released in Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies.