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Room restrict limitfragheFirebomb, Flaming Hand Grenade, Incendiary Grenade or Napalm Bomb is a type of grenade that causes the target to burn in flames in Counter-Strike Online exclusive only to Zombie: The Mutation, Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union.


The firebomb is a modified version of the M67 Hand Grenade. When thrown, it explodes and sets any nearby zombies on fire. The fire deals 50 damage every second for 10 seconds, giving a total of 500 health damage. If the grenade explodes near the thrower, the thrower will also receive the flame effect. If the victim has 1 health point left, the flame can do no more damage. The flame will extinguish after 10 seconds.

After the Free Update patch, this grenade becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Can be thrown further than the HE Grenade
  • Able to reveal an invisible light zombie
  • Has an afterburn effect
  • Free


  • May inflict extra damage to the user
  • Only usable for a limited amount of time
  • Only usable in certain modes


  • Use it when a zombie is retreating, the damage done might kill the zombie.
  • Use it in ducts when you are at the front line. Do not throw it when you are at the middle line.
  • Always throw at a group of zombies for maximum performance.
  • When facing a host zombie in places such as ducts, use this grenade to weaken it before using your primary weapon.



  • This grenade is actually a reskinned M67 Hand Grenade exclusively for Zombie Mode
  • This grenade can only be used in Zombie Mode, and cannot be used in the other way around