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Flashbang Limit

No FlashbangFlashbang Forbidden is a custom game submode in Counter-Strike Online.


Flashbang Forbidden is a custom setting that does not allow any usage of Flashbangs. This setting is available for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes. The reason for this is because certain players find it annoying when they can't see anything for a few seconds (especially when you are on the same team with the flashbang thrower). Flashbangs, in the hands of a skilled player, can also cause the death of multiple players in just a few seconds. This makes players (who are unfamiliar with flashbangs) dislike flashbangs even more.

Advantages Of This Custom[]

  • Players won't die so easily.
  • There won't be any 'kill steals'.
  • Teammates of the flashbang thrower won't get 'accidentally' blinded.
  • Gameplay will be slighty more balanced.